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Wonderfully Made

Mar 12, 2024

Do you experience body shame and find yourself consumed by negative thoughts about your appearance? If so, this episode is for you. Author and Body Image Coach Heather Creekmore joins us to talk about cultivating a positive body image with God's help. She talks about the prevalent issue of body dissatisfaction and the impact of societal pressures. Heather shares her personal journey with body image issues and how she found freedom. Heather and Allie explore the lies women believe about their bodies and the importance of having a theological view of our bodies. The conversation also delves into how body image issues can prevent women from living in their true purpose. They also talk about practical steps and mindset shifts for body image freedom along with the importance of identifying and surrendering idols.

You’ll hear in this episode: 


  • Body Image Statistics

  • Heather Creekmore's Personal Journey with Body Image

  • The Lies Women Believe about Their Bodies and Beauty

  • The Theological View of Our Bodies

  • How Body Image Issues Prevent Living in True Purpose

  • The Journey to Body Image Freedom

  • Practical Steps and Mindset Shifts for Body Image Freedom

  • Idol Identification and Surrendering to God's Truth

  • Encouragement and Hope for Body Image Freedom

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