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Wonderfully Made

Aug 17, 2020

Katherine Wolf shares her journey of surviving a massive brain stem stroke at the age of twenty-six which left her with life-long disabilities. Katherine believes that in our deepest wounding our healing can come. She shares what it means to suffer strong and how she and her family have redefined suffering. Katherine reflects on how we all have "invisible wheelchairs" or challenges that often no one would know about. Whether it's trauma, mental illness or grief we each have hidden wounds and yet hope for our suffering is available to all of us.

Instead of looking at long-term suffering as something to be fixed or cured, Katherine shares that there is a way to embrace it and live with it well. May you be encouraged to believe that in your deepest suffering God is at work and has called you there to refine you for good, that one day all will be redeemed and hope is still alive.