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Wonderfully Made

Nov 13, 2023

Purpose, prayer and obedience — three very important things we will be exploring on today's episode with our guest Stephanie Bright. Stephanie is on a mission to help women experience the love and power of Jesus in the everyday moments of their lives and is the Founder of the ministry Christian Girls Pop where she shares about the Word of God and His transforming love on college campuses. 


Today we chat about:


  • How knowing your worth helps you make better decisions

  • Why practicing obedience builds your confidence to trust God 

  • Why you need to have an encounter with Christ yourself 

  • How small steps of obedience can lead you to your God-given purpose 

  • The truth that God is not a demanding parenting figure, but rather a loving good Father

  • Christianity may seem like a long list of rules, but the true purpose of obedience to God is freedom.


Bio: Stephanie Bright is the founder of Christian Girls POP, an online international Women’s ministry. While attending college, Stephanie began leading Bible studies from her dorm room, which led to the birth of Christian Girls POP (CGPOP). Through CGPOP, Stephanie can reach women across the world of all ages to proclaim the Word of God in a relevant way. As a Bible teacher, she uses her life experiences to help others realize their potential by highlighting scripture in her unique way. Stephanie aspires to bring CGPOP to college campuses worldwide to guide young women into a meaningful relationship with Christ. Stephanie also enjoys leading worship, spending time with her younger siblings, and doing puzzles in her free time.


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