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Wonderfully Made

Feb 27, 2024

In this episode, Allie Marie Smith interviews Irene Rollins about recovery and overcoming alcohol addiction. Irene shares her personal journey of addiction, from the early introduction of alcohol in her teens to the slippery slope of dependency. She emphasizes the destruction alcoholism can have on one’s personal life and how it can cause severe physical and emotional consequences. Irene also discusses the role of childhood trauma and shame in her addiction and the importance of addressing these underlying issues in recovery. She highlights the ongoing nature of recovery and the need for constant work and support. The episode concludes with encouragement for loved ones of those with addiction and a reminder that everyone deserves love, support, and the opportunity for healing.



-Alcoholism is severely destructive and can have severe physical and emotional consequences.

-Childhood trauma and shame can contribute to addiction and must be addressed in the recovery process.

-Recovery is an ongoing journey that requires constant work and support.

-Loved ones of those with addiction need to prioritize their own well-being and seek support for themselves.


About the Guest

Irene is passionate about health physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Irene is a pastor, certified emotional health coach, and has authored her first book Reframe Your Shame: Experience Freedom From What Holds You Back in August 2022. She draws on her training and her personal experiences overcoming alcohol addiction and trauma to help you become the best version of yourselves. Irene is a wife and a mother of three and together with her husband Jimmy Rollins of over 24 years whom she leads a marriage ministry that they founded together called TWO=ONE.

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