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Wonderfully Made

Feb 22, 2021

Kait Warman, popular dating coach and author of "Thank You For Rejecting Me" joins us to talk about how to turn rejection into power and transform your pain into purpose. Kait shares her own journey of seeking validation from men and being in an abusive relationship. Today, as a thriving single woman Kait has personally experienced the sting of rejection more than once but believers her biggest life rejections have made her into the woman she is today. Kait shares some of the common ways women reject themselves and some of the steps towards healing. She shares why rejection is actually God's protection and redirection and for every nope you receive there is still hope . Kait tackles the subject of dating apps and gives powerful tips for navigating them with confidence, gratitude and an abundance mindset. We all experience some level of rejection in our lives and this conversation will help you move forward with a little more hope in your heart, believing God is directing your path and His plan for you is still good.

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