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Wonderfully Made

Mar 26, 2024

In this conversation, Allie Mare Smith interviews Stasi Eldredge, bestselling author of the book “Captivating” which has sold over three million copies. If you are unsure what you believe about God, faith, spirituality or Jesus we encourage you to listen with an open heart as you discover the radical love of Jesus that can transform your life. 

Stasi shares her powerful story of how Jesus saved her life from addiction and suicide. Discover why Jesus is different from every other religious leader, understand what the Gospel is and be encouraged that He can transform your life. Share this episode with the girls and women in your life to help them discover the radical, life-saving love of Jesus. 




-Jesus' radical love can transform lives.

-Jesus is different from any other religious figure in history because of his radical love and resurrection.

Jesus is the lifter of shame.

There is hope and unconditional love in Jesus.


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