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Wonderfully Made

Feb 14, 2022

Morgan Harper Nichols, popular poet, artist and bestselling author joins us to talk about finding peace in an uncertain and chaotic world. If you feel overwhelmed with anxiety about the future, you're far from alone. May our conversation with Morgan inspire you to become a peacemaker in your own life. Morgan shares some of the practices she uses in her life to unearth peace and shares her life verse with us that has guided her through her creative journey as a prolific artist, musician and writer. Morgan has lived with undiagnosed autism for the majority of her life and reflects on how that experience, and eventual diagnosis, informed her understanding of peace and gave her more grace with herself. Morgan is a beautiful soul with so much wisdom to share. May this conversation encourage you to trade a distracted life for your actual life and pursue greater contentment and joy. Be encouraged by Morgan's art and poetry on Instagram and grab a copy of her new book "Peace is a Practice." Grab our free guide “5 Keys to Walking In Your Worth” and join our insider community. Get Allie’s book “Wonderfully Made: Discover the Identity, Love, and Worth You Were Created For.” Thanks for being a part of our community and share this episode with a friend.