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Peak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living

Jun 12, 2024

Hello everyone, welcome back to Peak Human. This is a different kind of episode. It's going to be three 90 second podcasts. It's my new idea to fill in the gaps between peak human episodes. I do these short episodes with really interesting people I find around the internet with amazing health stories, valuable stuff in 90 seconds, really cool reels. I

 put together, put them out on Instagram and also bundle them up and put them out as a little podcast. And so, yeah, in the meantime, go back and listen to the old episodes. Start back at episode one. So many great ones out there.

And you may have heard Nose to Tail, my company is not selling meat anymore. We gave it a good run, but there's no profit on real food. I learned how the world works. 

The world is the way it is because there's such a high profit margin on processed foods And if you don't have that huge profit margin, it's very hard to stay in business. So we've been supporting our regenerative ranchers here in texas for years now. We're going to sell the last bit of meat this monday We extended it. So if you're listening to this, it's June 12th, we're extending this to Monday, June 17th. And then we're going to stop.

But of course we still have our amazing beef tallow body care products, hair, food, skin, food, deodorant, all the things. And we also have our biltong with liver too. We have the sticks made of grass fed meat, made of grass fed beef with liver.

Best way to get your organs on the go.  So get that at get the last of our pasture raised pork by Monday, June 17th and enjoy the short three podcasts!