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Nov 22, 2023

Ana Rosa, MD, PhD is a physician, Radiologist, Body fellowship trained, alumni of the University of Minnesota, medical doctor at the VA healthcare system, and assistant professor at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Rosa has done two radiology residencies, one in Brazil, and one in the United States, obtained a doctorate degree, had done a body imaging fellowship, and also has published in medical journals and helped writing Imaging books in Brazil with 25 years of practice in the Imaging field as a Radiologist.

Dr. Rosa shares with us her imaging knowledge of visceral fat, the importance of its detection and description in the reports, guiding the patients and the ordering providers by the findings on cross-section imaging such as MRI scans. 

The podcast intention is to bring awareness on how to detect a simple and easy biomarker such as visceral fat on MRI scans making it easier for patients to advocate for health and follow up for results.

Dr. Rosa shares with us how to create quality of care in service for education and interaction between patients, providers and Radiologists in sharing her own story on how to heal from inside out by literally “seeing” a “silent” metabolic active killer that visceral fat represents and taking action to change the presence status quo And move towards optimizing health.




  • (06:37) In medical school, healthcare professionals are trained to describe diseases while overlooking how visceral fat and metabolic health contributes to them.

  • (15:52) Visceral fat is a major culprit when it comes to various metabolic issues.

  • (28:04) The first step to prevent disease is to look for signs of inflammation.

  • (31:17) While it’s possible to request your MRI scan from your doctor, most providers won’t know how to make use of it.

  • (44:02) Health is not limited to staying alive. Health is also appearance and performance.

  • (53:58) For doctors, another benefit of learning to deal with patients carrying high amounts of visceral fat is potentially minimizing burnout.