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Jul 31, 2019

Are you guys ready for this? This episode is 7 months in the making and has a ton of interesting takeaways. We have ex-679 pound Jeff, a fruitarian college wrestler, and a woman who no joke looks like a completely different person.

First, I want to talk about how I make all this content possible - support from people like you. I appreciate it so much and it’s the only way I can do this. I’m living off my savings as I try to make the Food Lies film a reality. In the meantime I’m putting out as much content as I can to get the information out there. I get messages daily from people whose lives are changing through this info, so that’s really keeping me going. You can also support me by going to and contributing there. Members will get the extended show notes and an invite to the private Slack group.

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Laura has tried every diet out there and has never found something sustainable. She lost half her body weight and looks great - people think her before and after photos are fake. Her story is inspiring and resonating with people - she went from 100 followers on Instagram when we first talked to just about 10,000 as of today! We recorded the first call in January and the 2nd call 6 months later in July.

I’ll post before and after pictures of each of these guests on social media and on the podcast episode page at

Next up is Jeff who lost 365 pounds by finally finding a carnivore diet. He tried every diet under the sun and nothing ever lasted. We had about 5 months in between calls as well.

Last up is Mike who is a division 1 college wrestler in the middle of competing. He was convinced that a fruitarian diet was the way to go based on information he found online about our primate ancestors. Such a different story than I’ve ever heard told. Stick around for this one and hear how he changed his diet and changed his body composition and life.

A quick announcement before we begin. I had some great talks with people at the Meat Up in San Diego, which was so much fun! It was packed and we even had Dr. Gary Fettke and his lovely wife Belinda in from Australia show up. They're the ones that tracked down the history of 7th day adventists and the anti-meat agenda - you can hear it on Peak Human episode 29. We also got some awesome interviews for the Food Lies film down there including the aforementioned Dr. Gary and Belinda, Nina Teicholz, Dr. Bret Scher, and Dr. Hassina Kajee. We’re finally done filming people! The countdown has begun for wrapping this up!

Anyway, I also had some great talks with some developers at the Meat Up about the great need for the sapien technology we’re developing. I realized we need some help. Building tech is slow going and we’d love to build a team of like minded individuals to speed up the process and expand on the platform. Email me at if you’re interested in helping.

So let’s get to it. I hope people like this new type of episode to change things up. I thought it was really interesting to hear these people’s stories so hopefully you find value in them as well. Here’s my first call with Laura Spath.




Laura Spath

  • She started by posting photos of her transformation on instagram which is how I found her 
  • At her highest weight, she weighed 263lbs 
  • She went low-carb/keto but still had cravings for other foods 
  • Then she went carnivore and lost a total of 120lbs 
  • When she was on keto should relied on low-carb sweeteners and packaged foods that never allowed her to get over her cravings 
  • Carnivore was the first time she didn’t want to cheat 
  • She has lost substantial amount of weight before but always ended up gaining back more, but with carnivore she has been consistent 
  • She went vegan for a year, and was having a lot more health problems 
  • She looks very healthy now, it’s helped her acne and body composition 
  • She doesn’t see herself adding plant foods back into her diet because of how good she feels without them 
  • Her husband has lost 110 pounds and reversed his diabetes and high blood pressure 


Follow up with Laura

  • Since they last talked she is the same weight, which is a huge win because she has never found a diet that was sustainable
  • Maintaining weight loss is a lot harder than losing weight
  • Her body composition is improving vs losing weight on the scale
  • She uses short-term goals to stay on track 
  • She fears not being able to moderate herself where a cheat meal turns into a week or month 
  • Staying strict is easier than tempting herself with moderation
  • She had one cheat day and she gave herself no option but to get back on track and dealt with cravings for the next 2 weeks of mental cravings and stress it wasn’t worth it 
  • Restriction gives her freedom from having to ration 
  • Find Laura



  • Went from weighing 679lbs to 343lbs 
  • He got to his highest weight over the course of 30 years 
  • He has tried every weight loss strategy and diet, he even has gastric bypass surgery 
  • He has lost weight in the past but would always gain it back 
  • He couldn’t continue to live as a prisoner to his body and knew he had to change
  • The first big moment when he knew he needed to change was laying face down in the middle of the living room and couldn’t get up
  • He now goes to the gym regularly 
  • He started on a ketogenic diet and transitioned to a more carnivore diet and now follows a hyper-carnivore diet 
  • He was doing ok with very-low carb/keto but when he started carnivore he dropped another 40-50 pounds in a very short period of time 
  • The carnivore diet and his rapid weight loss triggered the formation of gallstones 
  • The carnivore diet caused him to eat less and it was easy for him to intermittent fast 
  • Fat shaming and loving yourself 
  • No one is happy being fat 
  • Love yourself enough to strive to be healthier 
  • His biggest piece of advice: Do what works for you 


Follow up with Jeff 

  • Had a major sugar binge on his birthday and is experiencing a terrible time physically and mentally 
  • Weight now is 314 
  • Scale doesn’t move as much but body composition is improving 
  • Still on a hyper-carnivore diet 
  • Protein is what he prefers eating because it keeps him satiating 
  • If he was eating carbs he would always be looking for what’s next to eat 
  • Lean meat doesn’t satiating, he has realized that he needs fat to keep him full 
  • His advice remains the same, find something that works for you that you can stick to 
  • He has a skin reduction surgery in the future 
  • Find Jeff



  • D1 wrestler at Rutgers University 
  • Always had to go through periods of cutting weight so he was searching for a way to cut weight and still feel good 
  • He started his “health” journey as a raw vegan after gaining a lot of weight after his season 
  • He was following a very high-fruit diet 
  • He wasn’t performing well and has aches and pains 
  • He just started incorporating animal protein back into his diet 
  • He lost muscle on a raw vegan diet 
  • He felt like he always had to be eating on a raw vegan diet and that he was always bloated 
  • Just 2 weeks of adding beef and eggs into his diet he could see more muscle definition
  • He feels stronger now 
  • Eating big salads ruined his performance because it was just so much food volume wise 
  • As soon as he introduced eggs into his diet he had one of his best practices 


Follow up with Mike 

  • He is now on a high meat diet with a little bit of fruit and vegetables 
  • He competed on a high meat diet and placed in the top 12 out of 140 participants 
  • His body composition has changed completely and he is way stronger now 
  • He is deadlifting 420 with a body weight of 165
  • He’s noticed huge improvements with his skin and doesn’t experience eczema flare ups that he used to on a raw vegan diet 
  • His libido has done a complete 180
  • The raw vegan community convinces people that their health problems are normal and makes up justifications for them 
  • He has a lot more energy now 
  • He doesn’t have to eat as frequently throughout the day 
  • He likes to know both sides of the argument (vegan and carnivore) but he is much more convinced now that we should be eating meat 
  • Find Mike



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