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Jul 23, 2018

You may be wondering what happened to that plant based couple I talked to in episode 1… well they haven’t withered away from their poor diet just yet. Just joking it isn’t too bad and they seem to be pretty savvy with not eating a lot of the plant-based trash. You’ll also notice they started eating sardines in this episode, so they should be getting a great boost of nutrition there to keep their bodies in tact. It took us a while to find a time to record again but we finally got a chance to finish up the conversation and get into the environmental aspects as well. I’ll have some more guests talking about this side of things very soon.

So now this is the time when on other podcasts you’d be hearing annoying ads for products you don't care about. Luckily, I’ve chosen to not try to make any money off this podcast  even though it’s taken hundreds of hours of work. If you're listening, you probably really care about this topic or are interested to learn more. If you're getting any value from this podcast, please show your support by contributing to the film. It’s called Food Lies and is crowdfunding now on


Show Notes

  • Picked up where we left off with
  • Soy and corn are bad, many vegans don’t know this
  • Impossible burger (vegan burger) has many ingredients that may be bad for us but moreover it requires more energy to get to your fridge - worse for environment than just eating meat
  • All cows spend 2/3 of their lives on pasture
  • There is not a lot wrong with processed meat
  • Contrary to popular belief, hormones are not running through beef
  • People have more levels of estrogen, vegetable oils and soy olis have contributed to this
  • T. Colin Campbell vs. Loren Cordain
  • Protein U shaped curve
  • There is a movement trying to say that we don’t need as much protein as we may think we do
  • Food is 4 things, protein, fat, carbs, micronutrients
  • Focus on protein and micronutrients while limiting your energy source to your goals - Unifying Theory   
  • You can vote with your wallet by creating a demand for sustainably raised beef when buying the right products
  • When consuming animal products we are not eating what the animal was fed
  • When eating liver you are not eating toxins
  • Both the vegan and carnivore sides are in a business, however the government is more focused on selling corn, wheat, and soy compared to animal products
  • Humans probably evolved switching between low carb and low fat diets in cycles because of not always being able to have access to meat
  • Rotational grazing has many benefits and could be done on a large scale if there is more land, we could get this from land that is used to grow grains and soy for animals and humans
  • We don’t need fiber. Here’s a study
  • The China Study was supposed to be used only as observational studies
  • Tuoli, the native people here ate twice the amount of saturated fat as Americans but are healthier       
  • Bacon and N-nitroso compounds
  • Alzheimer’s genes and metabolic damage from too many carbs
  • Wrap up - we may have made some headway

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