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Nov 18, 2020

We're back for round 2 with the one and only Dr. Sean O'Mara! We get into much greater detail than last time on things like visceral fat, physical markers of disease that track better than certain blood markers, the importance of physical appearance, optimal thriving diet for humans, and much more like how to lose visceral fat, how to heal your brain, the importance of sprinting, why we don't revere our elderly as much anymore, immune system, the microbiome, avoiding viruses, and beyond.
This is a really great one and I'd recommend catching it on YouTube (embedded below) so you can see all the great visuals he shares with us.
Here are the photos:
Dr. Sean O’Mara is a Performance and Longevity MD/Researcher, Speaker , and 2016 NSF Grant Recipient. He runs MedCon Wellness - A unique Executive and Professional Athlete practice innovatively exploiting both science and nature along with proprietary technology to achieve "Best In Class" results in Reversing Chronic Disease as well as Human Performance Optimization. They are dedicated experienced physicians, researchers, PhD's and Coaches coordinating their work to improve client's health. They have developed their practice after years of medical and scientific research as well as years of ultra-high-end concierge medical care.
They maintain an exceptionally small practice for clients to ensure an incomparably high level of service. They operate a Non-Profit to return excess profits to continue what we believe is critically important: the continued Reversal of Chronic Disease and Human Performance Optimization. Very few physicians today are concerned with either of these but it is his passion. It is the only Executive Health practice in the world to have received a National Science Foundation grant awarded in 2016 for their work on Reversing Chronic Disease.
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  • [5:45] Recap on his introduction and how he got into this industry.
  • [10:05] LDL cholesterol.
  • [17:05] Why our elderlys’ health has gone so downhill in the past generation.
  • [19:25] What he recommends for diet in general.
  • [26:25] Immune system and the gut microbiome.
  • [35:35] How he transformed his health to where he is now.
  • [44:45] Explanations and analysis of his visceral fat MRI’s.
  • [51:35] Sprinting and its effect on visceral fat.
  • [1:00:05] The physiology of scarring and how it works depending on your health.
  • [1:06:45] Comparing today’s doctors to the doctors of old.
  • [1:15:05] One of his client’s results after a 7 day fast.
  • [1:18:35] His sprinting tips and routines.
  • [1:21:05] Blood flow restriction training.