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Jul 26, 2018

One of my favorite humans I have never met in person, Lierre Keith, shares a ton of information with us today. We talked for almost 2 hours and could have gone longer. You may recognize her from the Netflix film The Magic Pill - she was a hardcore vegan for 20 years and lived the lifestyle with passion. I won’t give away everything, but she wholeheartedly enjoys animal products now and wrote a book that thoroughly refutes the three major tenets vegans and vegetarians stand on. They claim a plant based diet is better morally, better for the environment, and superior nutritionally. As I know, and you at home probably are aware of by now, the opposite is true on all accounts.
We also bring up the Sapien Movement near the end as a way to join together and fight the vegan propaganda, spread the truth, and work to improve the way we do agriculture and human nutrition. The site is live at and you can also find the group on Facebook and the twitter and instagram accounts, all under that name. The goal is to “End industrial agriculture and eat ancestrally” - other than that, It’s not defined yet. Join us and help us figure out what we can do to make a difference.
As we speak, I’m in San Diego filming with some awesome researchers and doctors. We still really need your help if you haven’t pre-ordered or contributed to the film - it’s called Food Lies and it’s on Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us so far. Let’s hear from Lierre!
Show notes:
  • How she got caught in the vegan ideology
  • Body began to degrade, but she ignored it due to beliefs
  • Blood sugar and insulin problems
  • Not getting enough protein, fat, or cholesterol
  • Honeymoon of phase where veganism works
  • Her spine and joints started falling apart
  • Skin problems, reproductive problems
  • Nasty soy and hormone problems
  • Damaged stomach and can’t produce proper acid
  • Reach out to her at if you are a vegan and having problems
  • Her book The Vegetarian Myth begins with breakin down the moral argument
  • Plants are beginning to become dependant on humans to plant them because they are too big, humans have to clear land
  • Monocropping only takes from land, plants don’t give back and chemicals/fossil fuel is required in large amounts
  • Most vegans don’t understand the negative traits of monocropping
  • The water table has dropped far due to monocropping, oil drilling is used to get to the water
  • Ruminants and grass coevolved
  • Cows should not be fed corn
  • Cows stimulate the growth of grass
  • Bison make mini wetlands with their horns by stabbing land above water
  • E. coli is a result of factory farming and over usage of antibiotics
  • Cowspiracy is not based on real evidence and some of the individuals involved admitted they were wrong
  • It is hard to present facts to groups of individuals who are always convinced that their ideology is correct despite what any evidence points to
  • Grow your own food to reduce carbon footprint
  • Lierre talks about her gardening experience/realization about the cycle of life
  • Many vitamins are only available in animal fat
  • Some individuals need to eat meat because they can’t make the enzyme that converts the vitamin a found in carrots
  • There is not any plant source for vitamin B12, this has caused physical harm to some vegans such as damaged vision or hearing
  • Omega-3’s and omega-6’s get converted into fats
  • USDA used to not even consider soy a food
  • Studies showing higher mortality rates for people using vegetable oils [LINK]
  • Big health organizations have admitted that they have made mistakes when telling us what to eat
  • The govt. is subsidizing the worst food for us, corn, wheat and soy
  • Wheat is addictive
  • 1800 marks the beginning of the fossil fuel age
  • Agriculture requires intensive labor and is resulting in poor nutrition
  • Lierre talks about agriculture during the age of empires to explain some of the negative traits of agriculture that are still relevant today
  • Phytoestrogens in soy are harmful
  • Soy consumption among children contributes to precocious puberty
  • Soy disrupts the hippocampus which can lead to memory problems
  • The Japanese eat soy as a condiment rather than as a protein substitute
  • Quick overview of what Weston Price did
  • Overview of “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”
  • Vegans have to cheat on their diet to maintain health
  • Discussion about the two different metabolic states humans can exist in
  • Noticed less low fat products when filming B-roll at the store
  • It’s all about information - we know fast food and sugar are bad
  • This Sapien Movement is a real thing. Go to and @SapienMovement on twitter and Instagram, and join the private Facebook group
  • I talk more and more about her book and how everyone should read it - find it at


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