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Mar 12, 2021

Hello friends, we’re back for another African adventure. 

I implore you to watch the youtube version of this interview on the Food Lies youtube channel. I spent a very long time adding in all the photos and videos that we reference throughout this episode. It would be a shame to not see all of the visuals. You can even watch it on 2x speed if you click on the settings icon on the video. I even put in a recording of the song the Hadza sing to us (the full recording closes out the episode). Some of it is a bit graphic, I’ll warn you!

We got to spend time with 2 different Hadza  groups which was very key in understanding more about their health and habits. Seeing 8 tribes or communities in total across Tanzania and Uganda was also paramount to our observations. Getting as many data points as we could really helped give us a well-rounded look at these cultures. Even this was just scratching the surface, however. We just got this one window into their lives and it would be ideal to come back at different times of the year and see even more groups.

I don’t want to spoil any of the stories, but I’ll say we had some epic adventures going on long hunts with them and eating very nose to tail.

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Thanks so much and please enjoy this next adventure with Mary Ruddick and I!










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