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Aug 7, 2018

Today we have Peter Ballerstedt who has a Phd in forage production and utilization. He’s also an expert in ruminant nutrition (this means cows, sheep, bison, etc.) He travels around the US and world giving lectures on the necessity and benefits of animal agriculture, for the health of our environment and human nutrition. I love him because he presents facts that go against the mainstream narrative and the animal rights propaganda that is absolutely rampant and taking over the conversation. He’s one of the only voices we have, so appreciate him and listen to his wise words.

You may have noticed I skipped a week putting out episodes - I had to prep for our upcoming film tour and make the Shawn Baker and Ted Naiman videos - check them out on Youtube.

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I really appreciate all the support so far, we can’t do it without you all. Let’s hear what the leader of the Ruminant Revolution has to say.


Show notes

  • What Peter does for a living - forage agronomist
  • Eating beef is not only good for you, it is in fact good for the environment as well.
  • All cows spend the majority of their life on pasture
  • The facts around animal agriculture are skewed and basically the opposite of what the mainstream narrative has led us to believe
  • We’re removed from the entire process of raising animals
  • Very small and well-funded minority of animal rights activists with the loudest voices
  • They claim the majority of the land is used for animal agriculture. The truth is there’s 4 times as much rangeland we can use for cows or other ruminants that can’t be used for crops
  • The vegan rope starts unraveling
  • Wildly exaggerated claims of environmental impact if we ate less meat
  • Let’s look at insulinemia and diabetes
  • Animal agriculture more greenhouse gas emissions than transportation based on a flawed and retracted study
  • Cows aren't alchemists. The CO2 containing compounds they release came from the grass they are which got it's CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • They’re finding it harder and harder to try to claim eating meat is bad for you so they’re trying harder and harder to claim it’s bad for the environment
  • Don’t feel guilty if you’re eating some or all animal products in your diet and restoring your health
  • If you haven't heard of Mikhaila Peterson here’s an articel
  • Jordan Peterson talks about his carnivore diet on Joe Rogan’s podcast
  • We talk about soil health
  • The role of ruminants in reducing agriculture's carbon footprint in North America
  • Climate change and CO2
  • How the carbon cycle actually works with grasses and grazing cows
  • CO2 helps plants to grow faster
  • The great horse manure crisis of 1894
  • plant protein and micronutrient content is far less than animal equivalent
  • Study with oysters, beans, and corn tortillas showing zinc absorption
  • We can study the diet and outcomes of animals and make lots of conclusions, but can’t do that for humans
  • “Our animals have never been healthier, and humans have never been sicker”
  • Modern societies are dependent on ruminant animals. We need to meet the growing need for animal protein with the growing population.
  • For an ancient food to cause a modern disease is ludicrous
  • The danger of nitrates and nitrites has been debunked
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6
  • What’s going on with this carnivore thing?
  • All plant diets = healthy hero. All meat diet = insane person who’s going to die
  • “Diet for a Small Planet” and “Population Bomb”
  • Lab grown meat
  • How’d the margarine experiment go?
  • Can you really replicate all the intricacies of meat? It's not just a protein matrix. Do we trust the makers to even get the ratios of fat/protein correct?
  • Ruminants are part of the lifecycle of grasslands and soil health, we shouldn’t exclude them. Essential for watersheds, carbon cycle - what’s their replacement?
  • We shouldn't put a big portion of our food supply into the hands of one company that gets the patent or a few big companies
  • Where are the nutrients going to come from?
  • They’re starting from a false nutritional premise
  • What about other wealth generation from cows, especially in developing countries
  • What about the energy it would take to cool and produce all this lab grown meat?
  • Same thing that’s going on in the healthcare system - we’re making a medication for each disease instead of treating the root problem
  • Eating beef is beneficial to you and the environment
  • Buy the animal products you can afford to feed yourself and your family and don’t let the other side and their fear-mongering influence you.


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