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Jun 23, 2021

Hello, everyone! Thanks for sharing this podcast and giving it a review on the podcast app or itunes. I’m Brian Sanders and I’ll encourage you to also work your way back and listen to all these episodes of Peak Human or start back at episode 1. I’d additionally encourage you to check out to check out our grass finished meats, tallow-based body care products, and more.

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Today I’m talking to Dr. Pran Yoganathan who is a Gastroenterologist and Gastrointestinal endoscopist based in Sydney. He aims to empower his patients to embark on a journey of self-healing using the philosophy of “let food be thy medicine”.

Dr. Pran has a special interest in conditions such as Gastro-oesophageal Reflux (GORD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and abdominal bloating. He takes a very thorough approach to resolve these issues using dietary manipulation In conjunction with an accredited highly qualified dietician rather than resorting to long-term medications.

We talk about many of the main chronic diseases we face today on the worldwide scale and how gut health and your diet contribute to these. Anyone with a stomach and/or who eats food should find interest in this episode. Hopefully both. We talk about animal vs. plant based diets, meat and cancer, how the human gut evolved, the necessity (or lack thereof) of fiber, protein amount, meal timing, GERD and heartburn, gout, personal fat threshold, height of populations in relation to their diet, and much more.

You’ll like this episode if you’re a fan of meat. You’ll also like the aforementioned if you like meat and hopefully you enjoyed this silky smooth transition into some brief words about my company. This is how I have turned down all advertisers to this podcast. I’d rather steer clear of even the possibility of “strings attached” as they say. The one foundational belief I have in health and nutrition is around the ethical and sustainable production of animal foods and the inclusion of these in your diet. I work with many great producers here in the United States to produce and ship top quality food and body care products straight to you with no middle man. You can find all of our offerings at I’ll make a deal with you so I don’t bore listeners who already know about them. I’ll get straight to the episode if you promise to just check out the site for 2 minutes. You will? OK thanks, just hit the pause button and we’ll get straight into this episode with Dr. Pran Yoganathan.







  • [2:50] His experience and background. 

  • [7:35] The correlation between gut health and chronic disease. 

  • [11:15] Triggers for gut intestinal permeability. 

  • [13:50] Best ways of eating to have a healthy gut. 

  • [17:35] Some issues that may occur to the gut from a plant based diet. 

  • [19:50] Animal based diets to heal the gut. 

  • [24:20] Does meat cause cancer?

  • [29:20] How the gut evolved through the years to favor more animal based food sources. 

  • [37:35] What is the optimal fuel source for our gut and body?

  • [43:20] Is fiber necessary in high amounts?

  • [49:10] How important is animal protein in your diet?

  • [52:30] Timing and consistency of meals.

  • [56:30] Resistance training to improve metabolic health. 

  • [58:20] Personal fat threshold in differences in nationalities and ethnicities. 

  • [1:04:20] The correlation of height and protein consumption in different nationalities. 

  • [1:12:00] Gerd and Gout.






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