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Jul 7, 2021

Hey friends, thanks for tuning into Peak Human. I’m Brian Sanders, the creator of the much-anticipated Food Lies film. Things are going well with the post production so thank you for your continued support on Indiegogo and your patience. My guest today is Dr. Stephanie Seneff who has been studying the effects of glyphosate for almost 10 years now. She has put together TONS of science about why it’s bad for you and the environment, even though it’s marketed as safe. Of course Monsanto has led you and regulators to believe this. The tricky part here is that it supposedly doesn’t affect human cells, but it does affect all the billions of bacteria in your microbiome and the soil biome. She’ll get into all the details in this episode so listen on, my friend!

Stephanie Seneff, PhD is a senior research scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. Her new book, Toxic Legacy, explores the harmful effects of the herbicide glyphosate on our health and the environment. Her book is backed by shocking evidence that points the finger at glyphosate as being responsible for many debilitating chronic diseases. While at MIT, she received four degrees: a bachelor's degree in biophysics as well as a M.S., E.E, and a PhD in electrical engineering and computer science. She has also written dozens of peer-reviewed papers on the effects of drugs, nutritional deficiencies, toxic chemicals, and diet on our health.

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Before we jump in I’ll give you my disclosures. I take no outside funding or sponsorships for this podcast or any of my work. The only thing supporting it is my company that I started well after I understood the health benefits of including quality animal foods in our diet. In other words I have no outside interests influencing the information I present and I am not creating this content to sell my products. My foundational belief is that animal foods are healthy so I connected with the best producers around the country to help people purchase them. We raise them humanely and sustainably. We don’t use additives or curing agents. Everything is all natural. We use the animals nose to tail. 

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[5:30] Her introduction to glyphosate. 

[12:30] How is glyphosate still being used?

[17:10] How many diseases start in the gut?

[20:30] Processed foods drive micronutrient deficiencies.

[22:30] Get out in the sun without sunscreen or sunglasses.

[25:10] The importance of cholesterol and sulphate.

[29:30] Getting a tan protects us from sunburn. 

[34:30] The shikimate pathway. 

[39:00] Animal foods limit our exposure to glyphosate.

[40:30] Glyphosate is driving the celiac epidemic.

[48:30] The connection between virus deaths and glyphosate.

[52:30] Glyphosate impairs many enzyme processes. 

[56:30] How glyphosate mimics glycine in our body. 

[1:00:00] Epigenetic effects of glyphosate. 

[1:02:30] Glyphosate depletes our soil.

[1:06:00] Glyphosate was made to clean metals off pipes.

[1:11:40] The problem with aluminum.

[1:15:30] Tips for avoiding glyphosate and heavy metals.

[1:21:20] Why sulfur is so important.





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