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Oct 6, 2021

This is an interesting episode that features Chris Irvin, M.S. who actually interviewed me on his podcast: Keto Answers. Chris is a health researcher, writer, and educator focusing on the impact of low carb and keto diets on health and human performance.

Chris has a master’s degree in exercise and nutrition science and spent his time in graduate school studying and conducting ketogenic research. Chris is the creator of the brand The Ketologist, which is known for producing social media infographics and educational health content. He is the author of Keto Answers, Mommy Do I Have to Eat This?, and is the education manager at Perfect Keto.

Check out his website: 

In the episode, we discuss what happened over a 40-year period that changed our food industry to this day, the problem with nutrition epidemiological studies, why a plant-based diet bias exists and how that’s negatively affecting us, why counting calories is ineffective and what to focus on instead, satiety signals, and so much more. You’ll also hear more about my story, Food Lies and how this differs from other nutritional documentaries out there.


  • (4:40) Brian’s background
  • (7:35) Where Brian likes to eat in Austin, TX
  • (9:04) How Brian came up with his tagline for Food Lies
  • (10:04) Brian’s approach in Food Lies
  • (10:52) The science on ancestral nutrition principles and how it applies today
  • (12:51) What happened during a 40-year period in our history that’s still impacting us today
  • (14:40) Gary Taubes’ thoughts on what went wrong
  • (17:48) Vitamin K activating vitamin D
  • (18:15) The inherent problems with epidemiological studies
  • (19:53) An interesting nutrition study on kids and obesity rates
  • (21:20) The plant-based diet bias and why this exists and how it’s still being perpetuated today
  • (24:17) Why are people continuing to use epidemiological studies if they have problems?
  • (24:55) The impact of Big Food getting involved in our food system
  • (27:35) How bad hospital food is nutritionally and why it’s like this
  • (30:33) Why we’re in this mess
  • (32:29) What can we do to fix this problem?
  • (40:22) What’s the story with calories?
  • (44:42) The satiety levels in food and why this should be more of a focus
  • (49:59) Is it true that obese people have poor appetite signaling hormones?
  • (53:21) The problem with counting calories
  • (54:38) Protein satiety signaling
  • (56:58) The difference between carbs and fats for satiety
  • (59:31) Does the glycemic response and blood sugar play a role in satiety?
  • (1:06:07) Why high omega-6 and seed oil consumption are the biggest problem
  • (1:11:30) The problems with seed oils
  • (1:12:20) Metabolic status and taking daily habits into consideration
  • (1:16:59) More about Brian’s documentary Food Lies, including why he started this project, what he hopes to achieve with it, and more
  • (1:19:25) What would success look like for his documentary?
  • (1:24:46) Brian also shares whether he’s been censored on social media for his work on his documentary
  • (1:29:32) How you can support Brian’s work and his documentary Food Lies





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