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Aug 29, 2018

Ok everyone, we’re back early! The Harvard studies and researchers need debunking. Low carb diets reduce lifespan? Coconut oil is pure poison? I’ve had enough of this insanity. Not only is Monsanto funding a lot of their studies, but I think they really believe this vegan stuff and it’s turning them into bad scientists. Good scientists don’t have pre-existing beliefs and they should work to disprove their theories. I think they need some more saturated fat in their diet to help their brains work better. So I got Dr. Bret Scher, who is an intellectual powerhouse to help debunk their nonsense. He’s a cardiologist, a speaker, a podcaster, a scholar, and a gentleman.

So let’s kick off season 2 with a bang. I’ve been planning and searching for guests for the past couple months and have talked to some really interesting people so far. This is going to be good everyone, looking forward to it.

Don’t forget we’re on Indiegogo trying to raise some more money for post-production. We need this movie to look as good as all the information that it provides - so don’t make me try to edit this myself. Let’s rally the troops and make this happen together!


Show Notes


  • It is hard for the average person to decipher what a scientific study is really saying, therefore people have to rely on news outlets
  • Low-Carb diets can shorten life expectancy study
  • Similar study in 2010, these studies just follow various individuals for many years and see who gets certain medical conditions and look for associations
  • Low-Carb and longevity study looked at low carb diets in which 37% of calories came from carbs, these are not true low carb diets
  • The collected data from this study was drawing associations rather than causations
  • This study includes a paragraph stating how at baseline the individuals on low carb diets tended to smoke more, exercise less, and were a higher percentage at diabetics (they were less healthy from the beginning of the study and the study cannot control these factors)
  • This study only collected data twice and asked participants to fill out a questionnaire based on what they can remember about what they ate over the course of the past several years
  • Senator McGovern’s warnings
  • High fat diet causes diabetes study, mice were force fed crisco and got diabetes
  • Harvard researcher talking about saturated fat in coconut oil
  • Minnesota coronary experiment
  • Sydney diet heart study      
  • Carrie Diulus
  • LDL responds to injury in the vessel wall
  • LDL to HDL ratio is a far more effective way to measure cholesterol rather than just being frightened by a high LDL    
  • Low carb approach is not one size fits all, however all doctors should at least consider it as a potential tool
  • Making it financially viable to actually take care of patients in big healthcare institutions


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