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Dec 2, 2021

Dr. Bill Schindler is back for another great episode! This is his third appearance on the podcast, so be sure to listen to our previous episodes. After 10 years of hard work, he is excited to announce the release of his new book: Eat Like A Human. He was trained as an anthropologist and more recently as a chef. His work focuses on extracting the most nutrition possible from food, so we cover a wide range of fascinating topics and stories.

Dr. Bill Schindler is an internationally known archaeologist, primitive technologist, and chef. He founded and directs the Eastern Shore Food Lab with a mission to preserve and revive ancestral dietary approaches to create a nourishing, ethical, and sustainable food system and is an adjunct associate professor of archaeology at University College Dublin. His work is currently the focus of Wired magazine’s YouTube series, Basic Instincts and Food Science, and he co‑starred in the National Geographic Channel series The Great Human Race, which aired in 2016 in 171 countries.

Dr. Schindler has also been featured on CNN, Maryland Public Television, NPR’s Weekend Edition and Here and Now, as well as on such podcasts as Milk Street Radio, Peak Human, and The Academic Minute. Dr. Schindler’s work has appeared in the Washington Post, The Atlantic, and the London Times, among other publications.

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  • [4:20] His background, travels, and new book: Eat Like A Human
  • [9:00] How an animal-based diet made us human
  • [12:30] Why humans are omnivores
  • [19:40] The healthiest, most nourishing diet possible
  • [22:40] Humans eat nose to tail, not just meat
  • [26:00] How hunting fueled our massive body & brain growth
  • [30:00] Why we should be wary of plant foods
  • [36:30] Brian and Bill’s shocking oxalate stories
  • [44:30] How do we detoxify different plant foods?
  • [49:00] The most and least toxic parts of a plant
  • [54:50] Modern convenience disregards tradition & detoxification
  • [1:00:30] The most rewarding part of hunting
  • [1:05:00] Learn more! -





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