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Dec 8, 2021

Today's episode features a farmer from Norway named Raymund. Raymund is truly a hero because he hosted Dr. Gunhild A. Stordalen at his farm where he educated her on the benefits that animal agriculture can have on our ecosystem. Dr. Gunhild A. Stordalen is a very well known environmental activist and the founder of EAT which recommends a mere 14 grams of red meat per day as part of a "Planetary Health Diet."
As you’ll learn in this episode, Raymund convinced her that meat and animal agriculture are a sustainable and essential part of our food system. Throughout this episode, we discuss many of the problems with our modern food system. In fact, Raymund runs a decentralized food system in Norway called REKO which connects farmers directly to customers. We are hoping to bring something similar to Texas and eventually all over the United States.
  • [6:15] How Raymund knows Gunhild Stordalen of EAT Lancet
  • [10:30] Meat is required for a healthy diet and planet
  • [15:00] What Raymund told Gunhild Stordalen
  • [20:35] Problems with the Planetary Diet
  • [26:40] How consumerism is wasteful
  • [30:20] Why big corporations hate a decentralized food system
  • [37:00] Our changing food & spending habits
  • [40:00] The industrial farming of salmon
  • [43:50] Why raising pigs is so difficult
  • [47:00] How Raymond built a sustainable farm
  • [53:30] Why you should spend more on food and less elsewhere
  • [56:30] Everyone needs their own farmer, not their own doctor
  • [1:01:20] How cities destroyed our food system
  • [1:06:30] Our modern food system is a failed experiment
  • [1:12:45] Vote with your dollar by eating local





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