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Sep 11, 2018

Dr. Georgia Ede is a psychiatrist, researcher, and an advocate of nutrition and diet as an alternative approach to standard medications. She’s also a speaker and writer and although has spent much time working and taking courses at Harvard, she has not fallen into their plant based diet dogma. She, in fact, researchers plants and some of their negative effects in a human diet. It really seems counterintuitive to most, but there is hard science out there about this. People are curing diseases and their depression and anxiety by cutting out certain plant foods.

She’s also an expert on Alzheimer’s and how what we eat affects the onset of this scary disease which we get into a little. We also do some more debunking of studies including the new low carb and longevity study as well as that old WHO study trying to claim red meat causes cancer.

Please listen carefully to this important and eye-opening episode. I really enjoyed my discussion with her and she provides a lot of great information.

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Show notes

  • Georgia had 2-3 hours of nutritional education over 4 years of medical school and didn’t receive any nutritional education while studying to be a psychiatrist for 4 years
  • Nutritional epidemiology dominates most of the nutritional studies in the world
  • Plant foods contain antinutrients and lack key brain nutrients, Dha, B-12  
  • Refined carbs are mood destabilizers
  • It is possible that chemicals that plants use to protect themselves can exacerbate mental health conditions by entering the bloodstream  
  • Plant seeds are the most heavily defended part of plants, have lectins and phytic acid which makes it hard for us to digest them
  • Georgia has recommended an animal based diet as an all natural approach to treating depression
  • Spinach contains iron that we can’t absorb
  • Sugar rushes to the brain which makes it hard for insulin to cross the brain, this is a contributor to alzheimer's
  • phytic acid is considered an anti nutrient, however it also fights cancer and prevents iron overloads in people
  • Vitamins D, E, A, and K are all fat-soluble
  • Two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble  
  • Her article in Psychology Today about the The Antioxidant Myth
  • Pom Wonderful does more harm than good with a huge load of sugar and a few antioxidants that aren't even bioavailable
  • Sulforaphane, curcumin, oxidation, and free radicals
  • Alzheimer’s and type 3 diabetes - it’s all about the insulin!
  • Harvard School of Public Health has a goal to try to find a way to show meat is bad and promote grains as much as possible
  • Epidemiology is the only area of science that has any indication that red meat is bad for you
  • The one study the WHO put out on red meat being bad is based on very poor quality studies and only 2 are clinical trials in humans that don’t really show anything
  • Debunking the new low carb decreases lifespan study
  • Low carb group wasn't even low carb. There’s also way too many variables to make any conclusions
  • THe whole hypothesis that meat would be cancerous is ludicrous in the first place
  • Dr. Walter Willet defends nutritional epidemiology
  • Harvard School of Public Health’s agenda
  • If you eat all plant based diet you’re a healthy hero, if you eat all animal based diet you’re a deranged madman. They’re both extreme and both sides think they are completely correct and all the world’s problems would be solved if everyone went on their diet.
  • Twitter @GeorgiaEdeMD


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