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Peak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living

May 25, 2022

Kara Collier is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist and a co-founder of Nutri-Sense, currently leading their team of dieticians to using their continuous glucose monitoring systems to help individuals properly manage their glucose and metabolism. She graduated from Purdue University, previously worked at the Memphis VA medical center as a clinical dietician at Providence Hospital and in a management role at Nutritionix
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  • [0:30] - Kara details her past and what motivated her to get involved with healthcare, metabolic health and Nutrisense and
  • [5:00] - How using a continuous glucose monitor can increase your awareness of how foods affect your glucose levels, energy, mood etc.
  • [14:30] - How your body adapts to lower levels of carbohydrates in diet and its effects
  • [16:30] - Detailing glucose and its role in metabolism
  • [20:30] - What is a Continuous Glucose Monitor, what it tells you and who might benefit from using it
  • [25:05] - Why Hemoglobin A1c is not the only indicator of your metabolic health and what can make those results less reliable
  • [34:15] - Why its very hard and uncommon for the traditional healthcare system to prescribe beneficial testing as preventative care
  • [41:10] - Lipids, LDL, HDL, Trigs and how their levels affect overall health
  • [48:15] - Lifestyle factors and basic nutrition guidelines to maximize glucose response and metabolic health
  • [58:00] - How Sleep and Alcohol affect glucose response and health
  • [1:11:00] - How larger meals, like an OMAD format, affects your glucose response and metabolism
  • [1:16:00] - Do we know if eating a bunch of fruit and sugar is good/bad?


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