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Jul 20, 2022

Big podcast with Farmer Angus who was visiting Austin from Cape Town, South Africa. It was so great to talk in person with someone from halfway around the world who is entirely on the same page.
We talk about how good food works, good animal agriculture works, and even how the world works. A great chat with a great guy - don’t miss it!
  • [1:45] - The Food Lies Trailer and film update
  • [3:40] - Angus’s thoughts on the plant-based narrative and it infiltrating traditional African agriculture
  • [8:45] - Glyphosate and Industrial agriculture
  • [15:03 - What problems and solutions Angus saw visiting farms in the US
  • [20:10] - Angus’s thoughts on Weston A Price and his teachings
  • [31:10] - The downward spiral of conventional agriculture and farmers
  • [37:10] - The history and disintegration of Zimbabwe, the “breadbasket” of Africa
  • [41:20] - How we can feed the world [50:30] - Brief overview of Brian’s Sapien Compound
  • [55:05] - Fertilizer, methane emissions, and food waste
  • [1:07:42] - The WHY behind Angus’s Farm and How they do it