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Nov 2, 2022

Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. is a prominent leader in the Integrative & Functional Medicine medical field. She is the Medical Director of two amazing clinics “The Cancer Center For Healing” & “Center For New Medicine”. The clinics have become the largest Integrative Medical Clinic in North America and visited by patients from all over the world with 47,000 patients and growing.

She’s authored 2 books including “The Cancer Revolution” and was named one of the top 50 functional & integrative doctors in the country in 2017.





0:00- Welcome back Dr. Connealy! 

00:06- A picture of what life at Dr. Connealy's clinic looks like

2:03 - How to screen for cancer in the healthiest way. 

9:28-  The variables cancer patients need to pay attention to.  

11:24- A brief aside about the health of the population 

12:30- Important practices that Dr.Connealy recommends 

19:30 - Dr. Connealy's approach to stress management

21:55 - Why stress is such a big issue in the modern society  

27:00 - The last 10 % can make a big difference

32:25- How Dr. Connealy and her team eats. 

41:45 -  Why proper screening is so important. 

49:40-  The importance of the internal terrain.