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Nov 9, 2022

Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac., is a globally-renowned expert, clinician, and educator in the fields of Functional Medicine and ancestral health and the New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Cure and Unconventional Medicine. He was named one of the 100 most influential people in health and fitness by and has appeared as a featured guest on Dr. Oz, Time, The Atlantic, NPR, Fox & Friends, and other national media outlets.
Chris co-founded and co-directed the California Center for Functional Medicine, one of the largest Functional Medicine clinics on the west coast. Throughout his 15-year career he has helped hundreds of patients reverse chronic disease and recover their health and vitality.
  • 02:40 - Barriers to proper healthcare consulting
  • 03:50 - How the modern food system is causing Nutrient deficiencies. 
  • 05:45 - Why eating healthy might not be enough to combat nutrient deficiencies
  • 11:00 - Can we get enough nutrients in the modern environment? 
  • 14:30 - Chris's thoughts on hair mineral analysis testing. 
  • 16:45 - The problem with vegan and carnivore diets.
  • 21:50 - Nutrient degradation overtime
  • 25:40- Chris's opinion on oxalates and plant toxins. 
  • 28:20- The benefits of eating seasonally
  • 34:50 - Humans have an innate drive to eat certain foods. 
  • 39:50 - The nutrient leverage hypothesis.
  • 45:15 - Why we don't know about our nutrient deficiencies.
  • 48:00 - The best ways to maximize the nutrient density of our diets.
  • 57:05 - The issues with the dietary guidelines
  • 59:15 -  Chris's opinion on phytonutrients
  • 1:02:30 - Many diets can work to elicit good health.
  • 1:06:30- The height studies
  • 1:13:40 - Practical way to optimize your nutrient status. 
  • 1:22:30 - Where to find Chris Kresser