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Peak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living

Nov 15, 2022

This is a special episode on decentralizing the main areas of society and your life to solve some of the biggest problems we're facing. The big systems are working against us. Most aspects of society are being centralized by corporations and governments at the expense of the individual. For personal health & wealth you should be decentralizing your:

- Food/food production

- Finances

- Health(care)

- Community

- Education


Listen for some practical solutions!

Brian Sanders is the filmmaker behind the Food Lies documentary, host of the top 5 nutrition podcast Peak Human, and an international speaker. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He works as a Health Coach at Evolve Healthcare and co-founded the health education company Sapien. He also works to spread the awareness of regenerative agriculture and increase access to well-raised animal products through his company Nose to Tail.

Matt Grebosky is a CHEK Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach and Head of Operations at Nose to Tail and The Sapien Center. Specializing in ancestral health, nutrition and living, Matt uses a blend of modern science and traditional practices to offer advice on how to approach living a healthy and happy life. 

Matt studied Holistic Lifestyle and Exercise Coaching at the CHEK Institute in Vista, California after graduating from Penn State University with a degree in Kinesiology. Coaching in various different formats for several years he then transformed his passion for ancestral health to start working for Nose to Tail and eventually The Sapien Center. 

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