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Mar 29, 2023

Robert Sikes (@ketosavage) is the Keto Savage, Founder of the Keto Brick, and accomplished Keto Bodybuilder. Robert is the author of the new book - Ketogenic Bodybuilding, a Natural Athlete’s Guide to Complete Savagery which is the culmination of his research and experience over the past 7 years of ketogenic natural bodybuilding, earning his pro card, and working with hundreds of clients. Robert hosts the Keto Savage podcast, the popular Keto Savage youtube channel with vlogs, cooking demos, and he also coaches clients through online coaching to improve their health, performance, and body composition.

Logan Delgado, also known as GoodyBeats, is the co-founder and chief brand officer of BioCoach. Logan used to be 225lbs, overweight and out of shape and completely transformed his life through nutrition and exercise. A YouTuber, husband & father of two little girls, Logan is a huge inspiration in the health space and works his butt off every day to build a bigger following and influence to help motivate people! If you want some serious diet, workout, and life motivation give him a follow.


  • (16:40) Be aware of how emotions play into your dietary choices, and never rely on willpower alone to keep you on track.

  • (31:54) Sustainability is key to any dietary protocol.

  • (37:10) A species-appropriate diet is not a high-carbohydrate diet, and especially not one made of highly-refined carbohydrates.

  • (44:36) Diets are simple, but people are complicated.

  • (59:34) Familiarize yourself with the nutritional makeup of the foods you eat on a daily basis.

  • (1:05:45) Carbs can help in muscle-building as long as the other pieces of the puzzle are in place.

  • (1:17:46) Building muscle has a myriad of benefits for everyone.

This is part of the new Peak Human Debate Series where I talk to leading doctors, scientists, and health influencers about controversial topics.