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Oct 10, 2018

Today we have Craig and Maria Emmerich who have a long history of contributing to the low carb community. They have done a ton of health consulting, speaking, writing of great books and cookbooks, and also built a large community around their blog and facebook. They have a lot of hands-on knowledge and experience working with people and with the ins and outs of implementing a great diet and healthy lifestyle.

We got into some interesting details that haven’t come up on the podcast before like oxidative priority, being censored by a TV news show, butter chuggers, keto babies, the science of high carb diets, the Failed Environment Metabolic State, keto desserts, and a lot more.

I just got back from our film tour when we recorded this, which will definitely be apparent during my frequent mentions of Mark Sisson. He’s a great guy and I want to be like him when I am in my mid 60s, running around with 20 years olds playing ultimate frisbee. His book Primal Blueprint got me started with all of this years ago and is a great read. He’ll be in the film along with a ton of great doctors and researchers. Please continue to support Food Lies on Indiegogo - we haven’t raised enough money to finish the film yet. By pre-ordering a copy or buying the “It’s what else you eat, not the meat” T-shirt you are directly helping this film’s creation and will be listed in the credits. We’re personally matching every dollar that is coming in, but we’re still behind. Thank you so much and here’s Maria and Craig.


Show Notes:

  • They live in rural Wisconsin and hunt and smoke ribs
  • Halle Berry is a fan of Maria’s keto cookbooks
  • They wrote a great book called Keto.
  • Oxidative priority: your body burns fuels in a specific order which is correlated to how much it can store of each, in reverse order
  • Alcohol burns first, then exogenous ketones, protein, carbohydrate, and lastly fat
  • Becoming fat adapted
  • Many benefits, especially in athletics. Better mitochondrial efficiency
  • Low carb longevity study and how bogus it is
  • Quality of the fats and carbs are of utmost importance
  • Studies show the majority of people lie in self-reported food studies
  • Maria was asked not to talk about restricting cereal on a TV news show who’s major sponsor was a cereal company
  • Nutrient density - animal foods far superior but because of the saturated fat and cholesterol they are demonized
  • The sheath of our bones is made up of saturated fat
  • When fat adapted you don’t lose muscle or bone mass when fasting
  • Nutrient density!! It’s all about the animal products. Plants foods don’t hold a candle
  • Obviously animal foods have way more bioavailable protein and nutrients as well
  • People do keto wrong and make fat bombs and put butter in their coffee - you’re getting no nutrients and probably too many calories (you can overeat fat on keto)
  • A piece of meat is naturally keto at about 70% fat
  • Gluconeogenesis is a demand driven process
  • If you eat too much protein and your insulin spikes it’s because you are insulin resistant
  • If you’re insulin resistant, not only do you need to avoid carbs, sugar, and most fruit, but also too much fat with protein
  • To reverse insulin resistance you need to shrink your fat cells so they aren't overstuffed and inflamed
  • Can be skinny and still have diabetes
  • To reverse you just need to get more fuel from your body than your diet
  • Protein sparing modified fast - adequate protein, almost no carb, fat is a lever
  • A lot of time a stall in weight loss is due to dairy consumption
  • The great importance of sleep which even affects insulin resistance
  • Unifying theory of nutrition
  • Why is fat the preferred fuel source?
  • How other diet work. Can a vegan diet work? Their experience with clients
  • Vegans Maria works with trying to do keto are on antidepressants
  • Protein from grains or soy can’t stimulate Mtor or muscle building
  • Need complete proteins and amino acids (all found in animal products)
  • Mother’s milk is high in cholesterol… so when does it become evil?
  • Men lowering their cholesterol with statins often need Viagra
  • Also, babies are constantly in ketosis for the breastfeeding years
  • The label keto is kind of a fad right now, but the low carb high fat diet is the exact opposite of a fad and what we’ve been doing some version of it for all of human history
  • Smart vegans understand it’s nutritionally inferior and say they wouldn’t do it while pregnant
  • Vegan on the show Alone knew he had to eat animal foods to survive
  • Fiber causes a lot of intestinal stress actually and we actually don’t even need it
  • Make sure you’re getting enough salt - it isn’t bad
  • How some people are able to tolerate carbs if they go low fat and whole foods enough
  • It’s so hard to eat enough plant matter, vegans are basically just calorie restricting to lose weight or stay thin
  • Ideal diet uses oxidative priority - eliminate a lot of the fuel sources, adequate protein, eat at a deficit without feeling hungry
  • All diets come down to managing appetite
  • Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels - you can have both eating this way
  • Failed Environment Metabolic State
  • Insulin, fat cells, and carb burners
  • How do you execute this in modern society when everything is working against you?
  • Maria made chipotle at home for half the cost and half the time it took for Craig to drive and get the real thing
  • They make 15 racks of ribs at once and put them on the freezer
  • There’s a perfect cross-section of foods I love and nutrient density, and it’s for a reason. Steak, salmon, eggs, sardines - delicious for a reason
  • How to eat dessert and treats and still be healthy
  • There’s some great sweeteners out there other than stevia like Swerve, and erythritol, and monk fruit
  • Their awesome book is called Keto.
  • Their blog
  • Other site
  • and and


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