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Peak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living

Jun 21, 2018

Our first guest is the great Dr. Ted Naiman. Maybe you know who that is, maybe you don’t…. But I’ll just say, listen to the man. Some of this may be new to people who aren’t total nutrition nerds - but just know it’s the truth. Dr. Naiman might be the most on-point authority on how your metabolism works, how to stay lean and fit, and how to eat optimally.

He has a ton of experience with thousands of patients and sees first hand how different diets affect all different kinds of people.

I’ve learned so much from him and a lot of things clicked into place once I started really understanding his way of thinking about nutrition.

So before we start, just remember that we’re trying to break even on all this by crowdfunding to get the film made. Please pre-order it now on Indiegogo - just search for Food Lies or click here - Thank you!


Show Notes

  • How insulin resistance develops
  • Can’t eat both high carb and high fat
  • How a few of his patients are “pulling off” veganism with a lot of supplementation and restrictions
  • Problems with vegan and low protein diets
  • Your body is a battery - it runs on stored body fat. How this works.
  • Protein sparing modified fast
  • WHy juice cleanses and starvation is absurd and doing more harm
  • Lean mass and fat mass
  • Macronutrient wars and how America got obese
  • Too much protein and gluconeogenesis is overblown
  • Low carb and low fat both have success stories - what’s the unifying theory?
  • The amazingly simple (and free) way Ted stays ripped


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