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Oct 4, 2023

Dave Feldman is an independent researcher and software engineer who has gained notoriety for his work on cholesterol and lipid metabolism, particularly in the context of low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diets. Coming from a background in software engineering, Feldman took a systems engineering approach to understanding cholesterol, creating what he calls the "lipid energy model." He has presented his findings at various medical conferences and is a frequent guest on health and wellness podcasts. Although not a credentialed medical professional, Feldman's citizen science has challenged traditional views on cholesterol, encouraging more nuanced discussions around its role in health. His work has captivated a large following of both laypeople and experts interested in the complexities of lipidology.


  • (4:18) A study on the Lipid Energy Model (LEM) ( may explain why cholesterol increases in those who decide to consume fat for energy over carbs.

  • (12:46) The status of your metabolic health influences how a particular diet affects your health, no matter the diet.

  • (20:42) HDL at 50 or higher and triglycerides at 100 or lower are good benchmarks to strive for.

  • (36:19) Multiple studies demonstrate that, if you take 100 random people in the same demographic with 0 risk factors, 60 male and 40 female, a little more than half of them would have 0 CAC.

  • (44:07) Dave’s ongoing companion study (follow updates at running parallel to the main study features a control group with more relaxed criteria.

  • (52:03) If we had more data on healthy populations, a clearer path towards a healthy way of life will be achieved

  • (59:40) Visit ( which is both a blood testing service and a hub to participate in citizen science.



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