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Oct 25, 2023

Veronica Max is a nurse practitioner and the CEO of UltraPersonal Healthcare. Bringing more than eleven years of family and functional medicine experience to the table, Veronica founded UltraPersonal Healthcare with the aim of creating a quality of care, service and experience that she found missing in the modern healthcare system.

Just tell her Brian sent you!


  • (12:24) Find a healthcare practitioner that focuses on preventing disease rather than treating disease.

  • (16:14) Terrain theory takes into account the human body and the health of the organism.

  • (23:31) Exposure to the sun and the elements is vital to a healthy body with normal levels of sex and thyroid hormone.

  • (36:40) A healthy diet involves meat, fish, and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

  • (41:44) There’s ancient wisdom in the fact that all the major religions incorporate fasting.

  • (47:21) Hashimoto’s is autoimmune hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).

  • (55:57) Calorie restriction is a form of stress.

  • (1:02:02) Movement is important. But if you overlook food and light, you won’t meet your goals.

  • (1:08:30) It’s no coincidence that the thyroid is in the throat.

  • (1:11:29) There’s no right or wrong place for a woman to have her baby. It’s important to know your options.

  • (1:14:32) When it comes to your child’s immunization schedule, it’s important to educate yourself and to listen to your intuition as a parent.



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