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Peak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living

Apr 18, 2024

This podcast episode, featuring host Brian Sanders and entrepreneur Jason Karp, delves into Jason's personal health journey of overcoming incurable blindness through dietary changes. It critically examines the negative impacts of the industrial food system on both human health and the environment, spotlighting deceptive practices by major food corporations like Kellogg's. The conversation advocates for a shift towards consuming less processed foods, supporting regenerative agriculture, and making informed food choices for sustainable living.



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  • 00:00 Welcome to Peak Human & Introduction to Jason Karp's Journey
  • 02:47 Jason Karp's Health Transformation Through Diet
  • 09:04 The Sapien Thesis: Unveiling the Metacrisis of Modern Society
  • 22:11 The Power of Nature and Ancestral Wisdom in Healing
  • 30:14 Challenging Modern Food Systems and Embracing Regenerative Agriculture
  • 34:38 The Importance of Community, Love, and Returning to Human Fundamentals
  • 38:02 Rediscovering Human Roots for Happiness
  • 38:36 Aligning with Nature in Modern Society
  • 40:14 The Journey from Cyborg to Balanced Human
  • 40:39 Leveraging vs. Aligning with Nature
  • 41:29 Creating Healthier Food Alternatives
  • 43:40 Human Co: Revolutionizing Food with Health in Mind
  • 46:55 The Power of Regenerative Farming
  • 48:40 Challenging the Ultra-Processed Food Paradigm
  • 56:03 The Economics of Healthy Eating
  • 01:03:22 Taking Action Against Unhealthy Food Practices
  • 01:09:59 Personal Health Miracles Through Diet



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