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May 9, 2024

Stephan van Vliet, PhD, is a distinguished researcher specializing in nutritional metabolomics at the Center for Human Nutrition Studies at Utah State University. He is widely recognized for his groundbreaking work in identifying and analyzing over 50,000 bioactive secondary compounds in meat. Dr. van Vliet's research emphasizes the nutritional and environmental implications of these compounds, particularly their roles in human health and disease prevention. His work challenges conventional dietary recommendations by highlighting the complex nutrient profile of meat and its potential benefits beyond primary nutrients. His contributions to the field have been published in numerous esteemed scientific journals, making significant impacts on our understanding of diet and health.




01:10 Introduction to the Center for Human Nutrition Studies

02:07 Exploring Nutrition Studies and Grass-Fed Beef Research

03:03 Collaborations and Mentorship in Nutrition Science

04:46 The Impact of Diet on Human Health: A Deep Dive

18:40 The Complexity of Food and Its Nutritional Value

36:53 Regenerative Agriculture and Its Economic Implications

42:47 Debunking Processed Meat Myths

43:43 The Surprising Health Benefits of Traditional Meats

47:30 Nutrient Density and Satiety: The Protein Leverage Hypothesis

48:44 Exploring the World of Secondary Compounds

52:21 The Power of Whole Foods: Simple Yet Effective

54:32 Personalizing Nutrition: One Size Does Not Fit All

01:10:31 The Height and Health Connection: A Global Perspective

01:14:41 Regenerative Agriculture: Beyond the Hype

01:21:52 Concluding Thoughts: Accessibility and Health