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Nov 7, 2018

Today I had the pleasure of talking to celebrity chef, filmmaker, and all around great guy, Pete Evans. He co-hosts the #1 show in Australia, My Kitchen Rules which is in its 10th season and is shown in 160 countries. He’s written a ton of books and cookbooks, he’s created the show The Paleo Way, and has a great podcast called Recipes For Life. You may know him from the documentary The Magic Pill, which everyone listening has probably already seen on Netflix.
He’s an amazing, positive force in Australia and the world, and it may not be apparent from our brief talk. We only had an hour so I’m going to have him on again because there’s so much more to get into. I’ll get a better recording situation next time. You’ll notice the quality wasn’t so great due to the recording service we were forced to use. A lot to enjoy in this episode though - he brings up some really creepy stuff about the dietitians association of Australia colluding to discredit and silence himself and a prominent doctor who advocate for people to lower sugar in their diet. Absurd, but true.
These are the last few days you can pre-order the Food Lies film on Indiegogo. We really need your help to get this finished. We’re not taking any outside funding and have so far used much of our own time, money, and resources. It’s really coming out fantastic, and I can’t wait to share it with the world. Pre-ordering is the only way to have your own copy and share it with family and friends and you’ll get it a couple months early. It’s also the best way to show your support for this podcast and getting this information out there. I really appreciate all the support so far and can’t thank this awesome community enough. Click through the link in the show notes on your podcast app, at, at, or search for it on Thanks and please enjoy my talk with Pete Evans.


Show Notes

  • Find out more about Pete Evans
  • His TV show My Kitchen Rules
  • His series The Paleo Way
  • He self funded The Magic Pill and The Paleo Way and executive produced it
  • Got a distributor and it went nowhere…
  • He realized he had a lot of great content and a documentary was a better format for this valuable information
  • His director Rob Tate came in huge
  • Hope For Health - benefitting the Australian Aboriginals
  • Why Warriors Lay Down and Die
  • He brings up Weston A. Price - has he been mentioned every episode?
  • The power of an ancestral diet is undeniable - changes unfolded in real time on film as people got off their diabetes medication and got healthier
  • The trial of Professor Tim Noakes (listen to Prof. Noakes in episode 3) was going on at the same time so they decided to film that as well
  • Dr. Gary Fettke has also been silenced by the dieticians in Australia. He’s an orthopedic surgeon who cuts off limbs due to diabetes yet he was silenced for telling patients to avoid sugar
  • Had great stories from Nina Teicholz, Joel Salatin, and Lierre Keith (all friends of Food Lies film/this podcast)
  • Original cut of Magic Pill was more controversial and inflammatory but Pete wasn’t comfortable with that
  • The president of the Australian Medical Association called it a dangerous film and tried to get it taken off of Netflix. He’s now been replaced…
  • He’s working with Dr. gary Fettke to get the dietary guidelines changed in Australia
  • Dr. Gary Fettke got ahold of some internal files showing Dietitians Association colluding with multinational food organizations to have himself, Pete, and other members of the paleo community silenced or discredited
  • The more films and information about ancestral eating, the better
  • Carnivore movement - Shawn Baker and Mikhaila Peterson - it’s good to fight against the vegan propaganda and prove meat isn’t harmful, but in fact beneficial
  • Pete put up a $1 million bet if those dietitians can prove that the grass fed, grass finished steak and vegetables he served his family for dinner can be proven to be harmful
  • As a chef, why would you use the blandest foods in your cooking? The pasta, the bread, the plain starches that add no nutritional value or flavor. Instead you can use the most nutrient dense and delicious foods possible - all the low carb foods
  • Nora Gedgaudas and her life changing book for Pete, Primal Body Primal Mind
  • They went on a speaking tour together over the course of 2 years
  • Food should be something you can eat straight from nature, full of nutrients and flavor. That is not wheat and grains
  • The problem is we are taking bland foods devoid of nutrients (refined carbs) and adding fake flavors to them which is tricking us into overeating and not getting adequate nutrition
  • The Dorito Effect
  • From a restaurant’s point of view, the best thing for someone to order is the pasta because there’s such a high profit margin
  • Cooking your own grass fed meat, wild caught seafood, and organic vegetables is very affordable and can be cheaper if you make a little effort
  • Don’t wait until your health fails to start eating correctly
  • What if there was a generation of young people who grew up thriving their entire lives on a good diet?
  • How can we implement a change even in the school system where kids are taught what to eat and how to cook?
  • Pete Evans says the dietary guidelines need to be changed
  • After a birthday party the kids leave with a a bag of candy - what a bizarre tradition
  • Pete tells a very good story about his daughters when they were younger
  • We wrap things up with some positive messages and a plan to continue the conversation when there’s more time at a later date


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