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Peak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living

Feb 20, 2019

Season 3 is in full swing with worldwide leaders in their field talking about the latest science of nutrition and health.


To catch people up I’m Brian Sanders and I’ve quit my job and dedicated my life to studying health and nutrition. I’m trying my best to be unbiased and to simplify the conflicting advice out there and distill down concepts into something anyone can understand. I’m not a doctor or nutritionist. I’m a mechanical engineer and I’ve lost both of my parents to chronic disease and have set off on my own path for the last 4 years to study this topic and make sure I don’t fall to the same fate. My role is the curator, the communicator. I’ve interviewed over 100 of the top scientists, doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts, and other health professionals and have come to find some simple truths that I’d like to share.


A lot of this will be presented in the feature length documentary called Food Lies, but it’s not all about the film. I’m spreading this information to the public anyway I can. I do this podcast, I post daily ideas and information on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and soon to I’ll be doing more videos on youtube. Search for Food Lies on any of these platforms.


Dr. Gary Fettke has an amazing tale of deceit, deception, disinformation, conspiring dietitians, medical evangelism, his medical board attempting to silence him, and even John Harvey Kellogg, founder of the cereal company and his anti-masterbation mission. A lot going on here and a lot of alliteration as well. Dr. Fettke is an orthopedic surgeon living in Tasmania off of Australia. He practices preventative medicine and helps treat patients long before resorting to surgical interventions. Like Professor Tim Noakes, he stood up to his medical board and powers that be that were trying to stop him from dispensing simple and logical nutrition advice like eating fresh, local, and seasonal foods instead of processed foods. He spent 3 years of his own time and money on this absurdity before being exonerated of all charges. Strap yourselves in folks, this is a good one!


As I’m recording this I’m dealing with the harsh realities of a measly budget and worries of how to finish the Food Lies documentary properly. If you haven’t supported it yet, please consider doing that now. It’s a true community-powered project. If enough people pre-order the film at a pretty reasonable cost of $25 we can complete this in a matter of months instead of maybe a year. That’s what we’re facing if we don’t have the funds. This will be made no matter what, don’t be worried about that. This is my life’s work and all I care about right now. Thanks for your help - just go to and click through to the Indiegogo campaign or click through the link in the show notes. We have an amazing woman named Amanda adding in $20 more for each person who contributes. Please take her up on her kind offer today. Also, please leave a review of the podcast on itunes or the Apple podcast app. I sent out a care package to listener Aaron from Ohio yesterday who had the review of the week. I really appreciate these reviews and they help get the podcast more visibility. And now here’s Dr. Gary Fettke.


Show Notes

  • Dr. gary Fettke is an orthopedic surgeon living in Tasmania off of Australia
  • Part of his job entails cutting off toes and limbs of type 2 diabetes patients
  • He uncovered documents proving the collusion of the food industry (Kellogg’s and other cereal/grains companies) to target him and 7 other Australians
  • They feel that low carb and paleo diets are hurting their sales and want to do something about it
  • All he was promoting was to reduce sugar, refined grains, and industrial oils which he calls the model of inflammation
  • By doing this you are eating low carb healthy fat and avoiding processed foods. Pretty simple… but directly against the big food manufacturers
  • He was also saying red meat was ok
  • He was silenced by his medical board and wasn’t allowed to ever give nutritional advice again
  • Was finally thrown out years later after much time, expense, and lobbying
  • He originally thought it was about the science, but that was simple and they had all the facts on their side
  • Found out about the vested interests and the role of the 7th day adventist church
  • There’s an article in a journal called Religion where they pretty much self-admit all of this - so it sounds crazy, but it’s all true
  • Traced the beginning to America in 1917 when the American Dietetics Association was born
  • They are responsible for much of the textbooks and teachings in that era
  • A woman named Lena Cooper was instrumental in founding this organization. She was a vegetarian and 7th day adventist
  • She worked with John Harvey Kellogg who went on to found the cereal company Kellogg’s
  • The 7th day adventists started with the visions of Ellen G. White who believed meat was unclean and made men violent and also caused masterbation
  • It started around the temperance movement when there was push to ban alcohol and eat clean and close to God
  • Kellogg grew up typesetting for the Adventists and raised by those principles
  • He later founded the Sanitarium in Battle Creek Michigan and owns the patent for corn flakes
  • He created it as a bland food that would help stop masterbation - if you don't believe it, google “kellogg cereal anti-masterbation”
  • Her beliefs were based on visions she had as a girl
  • People were leaving the farms and coming into the cities during this time - meat had to be transported without refrigeration
  • They believed in the “Garden of Eden Diet” which was all plants and included cereals, grains, fruit, veg, nuts, and legumes. It’s still what’s promoted today
  • It keeps evolving and they keep changing the story on why meat is bad. First it's meat causes violence, then meat causes masterbation, then they moved to meat causes cancer, then meat causes heart disease, and finally meat is destroying the environment
  • The adventists are the world’s 2nd leading educator behind the Catholic church yet only have 0.3% of the world’s population
  • 7th day adventists also connected with bringing in soy and all the fake meat products from China
  • 7th day adventists own 22 food industries outside of the US
  • 7th day adventists produce over 4,000 “food products” made of processed plant foods
  • 7th day adventists have 8,000 schools around the world
  • 7th day adventists are proud of their medical evangelism
  • 7th day adventists own over 60 publishing houses
  • 7th day adventists over 850 radio stations
  • 7th day adventists 441 TV stations (in 2016)
  • 7th day adventists did 70,000 podcasts (2016 report) with 1.1 billion downloads
  • 7th day adventists are also inserting their vegetarian agenda in medical textbooks and journals
  • 7th day adventists inserted backend material on 99% of medical software in Australia (2017 report) - This means if you are a doctor and look up any printed material for a patient it’s all Adventist vegetarian material
  • Generational education - this is the problem
  • It’s repeated so many times and in all the textbooks for so long, we just believe it
  • Food manufacturers embrace these plant-based ideas and make more money - they stuff sugra, refined grains, and polyunsaturated oils in the food and it lasts longer and has a higher profit margin
  • Watch out for the terms “lifestyle medicine” and “exercise is medicine” - these are being pushed by the food industries and organizations like ILSI started by Coca-cola
  • EAT Lancet published a study mid-january and a new “planetary diet” that is supposed to be good for your health and the good for the environment. THe face of the organization is a billionaire vegan and all the big food companies are behind it
  • There’s an article that came out recently saying the vast majority of the 37 experts that made up the diet don't follow it
  • This diet is back to the Garden of Eden diet - all plant based with a little bit of meat thrown in
  • The United Nations and the World Health Organization are being influenced by a group of activists
  • I think there’s been such a successful anti-meat campaign for so many decades people can’t even think otherwise
  • He says people are gullible and it’s crazy to get your health information from the news
  • Kellogg’s, Unilever, and PepsiCo are the ones selling you this information
  • There’s also powerful films convincing young people that meat is ruining the world
  • Veganism is highest amongst teenage girls - they’ve become the foot soldiers of the food industry
  • Vegan activists surrounded a teenage girl doing her job at a zoo
  • Our biggest export is our topsoil - we’re losing it
  • Take back the buying power of these food companies by shopping locally at a farmers market
  • When you search for “low carb bread” on youtube anti-low carb videos are being advertised
  • Dr. Gary Fettke says “Eat fresh, local, and seasonal”
  • Everything he talks about is based on biochemistry but most of the other side is based on association and propaganda
  • Nutrition science doesn't use the scientific method a lot of the time
  • A lot of nutrition is based on what’s cheap and easy to produce and palatable
  • They’re spreading disinformation - purposeful misinformation
  • Food companies are using the same tactics as tobacco companies used
  • We have followed the recommendations - our whole grain and fruits/veg consumption went up and red meat went down, but we only got fatter and sicker
  • Our cattle numbers have actually been decreasing over the last few decades
  • Vegan diet falls apart when you look at the science
  • My podcast with Dr. David Klurfeld comes up who was on the WHO panel that decided meat was a carcinogen who talked about it being full of vegans with undeclared agendas
  • Vegetarian research papers are written by 7th day adventist vegans
  • Coca-cola uses “exercise as medicine” to throw people off from the sugar water they are drinking
  • I say we should “eat densely, move intensely” and that “eat less, move more” is a worthless statement
  • To enact change you need to start with yourself and not wait for government and guidelines to change
  • Back in the 40s and 50s when we were healthy we’d eat once per week or have 1 soda per week - it was a treat - a special occasion. Now people eat like this every day, all day
  • In farming communities it was traditional to maybe eat only 1 main meal per day
  • Snacking and constantly eating it a totally new thing
  • You don’t have to wither away and have a terrible quality of life
  • You can either be pushed into home plate in a wheelchair drooling on yourself or you can slide in with a cloud of dust
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  • Dr. Gary Fettke on twitter

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