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Feb 27, 2019

Welcome back, everyone. I’m working hard to make each episode very informative and get great guests that bring something unique to the table. I go for quality over quantity. I love having guests with new messages and insights that we haven’t heard before, and Dr. Tro is one of these great sources of information. People have been requesting a weight loss journey - someone who’s actually lost a ton of weight themselves. Not only did Dr. Tro lose 150 pounds, but he’s a… you guessed it… doctor. He helps people figure out how to transform their body and health on a daily basis. This is real world application here, people.


There’s so many sides to this stuff and the psychology behind eating (and more importantly overeating) is huge. He knows a lot about what it means to be obese and make these changes and make them last. He was 350 pounds 3 years ago and has kept off the weight despite the usual statistics of 97% of people just putting it back on. This was no easy feat and if you haven’t seen a photo of him, he’s actually pretty ripped.


We start off with some social media controversy about a post I made that rubbed some people with food addiction the wrong way. The episode is about so much more than that, so keep listening and I think there’s huge value for anyone and everyone in this episode.


Once again, I have to talk about the Food Lies film Indiegogo campaign. Basically all podcasts have sponsors to pay the bills. My film is this sponsor. I’ve turned down other sponsors and could be making quite a bit based on the expanding audience of the show. I’d really rather not do this so please support the film if you’re enjoying the podcast and the lack of annoying ads. This film is my baby and I’ve spent an immeasurable amount of my time and own money on it. I know it will all be worth it when it’s completed, so please help me get there. Go to to click through to the Indiegogo campaign or click on the link in the show notes. Thanks so much and here’s Dr. Tro.


Show Notes

  • I made a remark on social media that was supposed to be motivational and ended up backfiring
  • Food addiction is something Dr. Tro knows a lot about
  • Controversial topic - Dr. Robert Lustig has a book on it
  • Is you buy and eat the correct food you shouldn’t be hungry all the time
  • I have my own food addiction - once I start eating I can’t stop
  • His wife had to hide food from him
  • He didn’t know why his appetite was so messed up
  • I wrote the post under the context of it being inspirational and that people who follow my accounts would understand what I’m talking about and what foods they should be eating
  • He thought he was “meant” to be obese. That it was his genetics. His family was all overweight
  • This was reinforced in medical school where they taught him that it was genetic
  • 75% of patients he sees for weight issues have a history of childhood trauma
  • People don’t even realize how much they’re eating
  • If you’re eating processed foods stuffed with carbs and sugar it’s basically impossible to be full
  • Even nutritionists and doctors don’t know how much they really eat - when asked they are off by 20%
  • Satiety is the most important thing we need to be talking about - some people don’t even realize different foods provide different satiety
  • Liquid calories are enemy #1
  • Layne Norton and bodybuilders are way different than the normal person
  • Counting calories doesn’t work - we have calories listed everywhere for decades, we have My Fitness Pal, it's plainly obvious it doesn't work
  • Our bodies don’t have a calorie receptor to know how much we have eaten or need to eat
  • When glycemia shifts (blood sugar up then down) you're going to be hungry
  • He levels out their blood sugar with a LCHF diet. Can do it whole foods plant based if the patient has that personal preference
  • Low fat approach not good in long term because it knocks down hormones like CCK and neuropeptide YY
  • Once you’re fat adapted you're not beholden to food for energy
  • A lot of hunger is just mental at this point - you have hundreds of thousands of calories of fat stored on your body you can use
  • Cortisol makes you hungry and your blood sugar to swing
  • Part of helping people to lose weight is coaching them on what to do in times of stress
  • He advises people to just eat protein and fat if they’re hungry in the early stages - they can build up to being more strict later. They also will be full for hours after eating the right foods. Anything to avoid the donut
  • He can eat 3 pounds of meat at once - overeat his satiety signaling
  • Hyper palatability comes when you add sugar + fat
  • Formerly or currently obese have large stomach volumes and need more tools to not overeat and be full
  • He doesn't recommend a lot of vegetables and fiber but it has its place to fill the stomach from a volume perspective
  • He didn’t know this before. None of the other doctors or nutritionists around him knew it either
  • We’ve all been given useless and bogus advice on weight loss for the past 50 years
  • There’s not only 1 way to do things
  • If one of his obese binge eating patients gets told by a conventional dietician to eat a portion-controlled low-fat diet it's a setup for complete failure
  • He’s totally against - conventional advice didn’t help him and won’t help anyone that comes to see him
  • On all conventional diets: “instead of telling people how to be full, they’re telling people how to be hungry”
  • He puts his health program online for anyone to see and has virtual visits and programs
  • He’s also opening a brick and mortar clinic in New York
  • Many people claim to not like beef - I think it’s because of all the propaganda against it all these years. They think it’s bad for them deep down and can’t get over it
  • People also say they don’t feel well on a low carb diet - they probably just aren't fat adapted yet. The keto flu can be bad
  • Just because fat is good doesn't mean you can eat unlimited amounts of it
  • Reasons for stalls: carb creep, fat creep, or alcohol
  • Need to learn to cook in a framework
  • One reason carnivore probably works is through restricting foods. If you restrict anything people tend to eat 25% less
  • His story of losing 150 pounds without exercising much and then training for a 5k with barely any carbs
  • Layne Norton is talking about pop tarts and bro scientists are talking about how you have to have carbs for your brain or for energy
  • Dr. Tro went from the worst at 99th percentile to the top 1% percentile in the 5K without any carbs
  • He was fasting 20+ hours per day for the last 6 months and his bench, squat, and deadlift all went up
  • 99.5% of athletes don’t need carbohydrates. Maybe if you’re a professional and elite athlete they could help
  • Had Luis Villasenor on season 2 who is a giant muscular guy and doesn't eat carbs
  • Dr. Tro went to the science and found low carb - don’t understand why guys like Layne Norton call people low carb zealots
  • In an ad libitum free living setting (which is how every single one of us live are life) low carbs diets consistently outperform low fat diets
  • Layne Norton’s flexible dieting and “if it fits your macros” is in no way science based yet he constantly talks about how he’s all about the science
  • Every other diet he dismisses and disses is based on science except his


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