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Apr 25, 2019

Welcome back everyone, I’m Brian Sanders and I’m the founder of and the filmmaker behind the feature-length documentary Food Lies.

Today we have fellow filmmaker and neighbor of mine, Chris Bell. We’re making similar films and have a lot of similar ideas on nutrition. We’re both coming at it from different angles and I think they’re going to really push the movement forward in unique ways. He has some solid advice on filmmaking as well as life. All the films he has made are awesome and he’s a really interesting and genuine guy. I definitely enjoyed spending time with him talking about all my favorite topics.

You can get the Real Foods coin I gave him in the middle of the episode on our Indiegogo page while getting a copy of the Food Lies film. They’re these nice, large metal challenge coins I designed and are actually really cool. We might only have 10 left so get them while you can.

If you’ve already preordered the film or don’t have the cash lying around to do so, and you're getting some value from this podcast, I’ve also made a Patreon to help support this show and keep it ad-free. People have been reaching out to sponsor it but I’ve been turning them down. I’d rather give this brief message here in the beginning allowing the community support it instead of having to break for annoying ads, even if the products are something I believe in. Thanks for making this possible - just go to or click through the link in the show notes and you can throw as little as $2 per month at this endeavor and keep it afloat. I sincerely appreciate it and really love our tribe we are forming. I’ll be at Paleo f(x) this weekend so give me a shout if you’re there. Now here’s Chris Bell.

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  • We’ve met up a lot lately and realized we definitely not making the same film
  • Vinnie Tortorich is also making a great film to complete the trifecta called Fat
  • Filmmaking is a long, slow process
  • The film changed once he got his parents involved
  • He some health problems and an epiphany
  • They started out wanting to call it War On Carbs
  • Struggle with addiction is real
  • He made the film Bigger, Faster, Stronger which is awesome. He looks a lot better than he did 10 years ago when he filmed it
  • Going back to the beginning with powerlifting and his brother Mark Bell
  • He doesn’t believe there’s any evidence for needing carbs to build muscle
  • You can see his photos on a keto diet and carnivore diet
  • Steroid use
  • The war against carbs is his personal journey
  • Eating well is “sobriety from bad foods”
  • Spread messages through love instead of hate
  • Vegan bodybuilders
  • Being fit is synonymous with being healthy for the most part and also very important as you age
  • He made the movie A Leaf of Faith about kratom
  • Feedlot beef vs. grass finished, omega 3 to omega 6 ratio, and all the intricacies
  • Who do you believe in all this conflicting information?
  • Colesterol, LDL, statins, and metformin
  • He also made the movie Prescription Thugs
  • How do you know when the documentary is finished and you found the story?
  • We watch vegan content to make sure we’re on track and not ruining the world
  • Carnivore adjacent
  • The SAPIEN diet is just eating for nutrient density, focusing on protein, embracing fat, and minimizing carbs
  • His movie is turning more into a family story
  • Chris Bell on Instagram

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