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Jun 28, 2018

For many this man needs no intro, he’s the savage carnivore orthopedic surgeon who deadlifts 700 something pounds. He’s lighting up Instagram and twitter these days as the unofficial president of the carnivore movement that I’ve just named him. Anyway, he’s a great guy and shares a lot of wisdom in this episode. And no, he doesn't think everyone should be a carnivore and either do I. We need to look at all sides of nutrition and I have Denise Minger coming on soon who I highly respect and has a very opposite view of things… and it’s not veganism…
Ok so there’s an interesting series of events unfolding right now as I’m recording and releasing this which begins 5 years ago. You're going to have to listen to the show to hear it.
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Show notes

  • Caught him for the film interview when he was in town for Joe Rogan’s podcast
  • Toxins are dose-dependent, yet this is not consistent with eating meat
  • Epidemiology in nutrition is very flawed
  • Shawn is sort of the ringleader in the carnivore world and is collecting thousands of success stories from around the world.
  • People treating their diseases by just eating meat
  • Younger and younger people are getting metabolic disease these days
  • Modern carnivore diet is based on millions of years of humans eating meat. It’s actually one of the only foods no humans have an intolerance for. People start it as an elimination diet - if you’re having problems you take away everything but meat and the add foods back in to see how they affect you. Some people never add the foods back in…
  • Until you experiment you don’t know if you could be living much more optimally
  • What’s up with us thinking we need tons of fiber?
  • Your body absorbs basically all of the nutrition from meat… not so much from plants
  • What Doc Baker eats on an average day
  • Eating should be simple and satisfying
  • We’ve created a food system based on endless options and engineered flavors
  • Human skeletons and brains shrank when we invented agriculture and started eating a larger portion of grains in our diet
  • Can too much protein cause a blood sugar rise due to gluconeogenesis?
  • Dealing with vegan hate
  • Vegans are confused on how the circle of life works
  • The vegan diet supports Monsanto and monocropping which ruins the environment.
  • We’re going to start a movement!
  • People need to be more in touch with how food is grown
  • Mixed farming as we’ve done in the past that is sustainable
  • Gabe Brown
  • Lab grown meat
  • His blood work and labs after eating only meat for 18 months
  • His experience with the medical system as an orthopedic surgeon
  • What can we do?


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