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Jul 11, 2019

Hey Hey welcome back. Thanks for listening and thanks for all the kind words about this podcast. I get tons of messages and emails weekly and the stories of change are inspiring. It helps to keep me going and put in the work to find amazing experts and put out a good show.

Today we have Alyse Parker who used to go by Raw Alignment. She had a huge vegan following of over 750,000 subscribers on youtube and hundreds of thousands on Instagram. She did different plant based diets over the course of about 4 years including raw vegan and ended up with some terrible health conditions. I won’t give up too much, but she’s now eating almost completely animal foods. It’s an interesting story and I hope you enjoy it! SHe’s a great person and I’m looking forward to a meat up we’ll be having in San Diego on July 24th with her and Paul Saladino. I’ll announce that soon so people can RSVP.

We have 2 Meat-Ups in Toronto coming up. One this Saturday at the world famous Speducci Mercatto with North America’s only meat sommelier. Mikhaila Peterson, Tara Couture (who’s @slowdownfarmstead on Instagram - my favorite account ever), and Bryan Gilvesy a sustainable farmer and speaker will be there as our guests of honor. They’ll all be saying a few words and hanging out and eating the all you can eat delicious meat and some wine. We’ll have the Food Lies team there as well so grab a ticket on

We also have a free Meat-Up at The Simple Kitchen Friday JUly 19th. We’ll have grass fed burgers and other paleo/keto/sapien options there for purchase as well as wine and beer. RSVP at the same place

Comment or message me on social media if you’d like to have a Meat-Up in your city. A few other quick things. Please support this show on Patreon at I really need your support to keep this podcast ad-free. You’ll get the extended show notes which are super information-packed and an invite to the private Slack group.

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And last, but not least we have my grass finished meat company Nose To Tail. Don’t need to talk about this because Alyse made her own advertisement at the end. We never talked about this beforehand, I promise. So here it is, the wonderful reformed vegan celebrity, Alyse Parker.



  • Alyse is a YouTuber who created a following living a vegan lifestyle 
  • She lived on a fruit farm in Hawaii where she started a raw vegan diet 
  • After 4 years on a vegan diet she realized her health was declining 
  • Her experience hiking the Appalachian trail 
  • She moved back to Hawaii and started experiencing loss of appetite, sinus congestion, brain fog, fatigue, and loss of memory and found out she had mold toxicity
  • Out of desperation she tried a carnivore diet and felt immediately better 
  • She now realizes everything she was missing from a vegan diet 
  • She believes there is a trend with vegans who notice at year 4-5 their health begins to decline 
  • There is no open dialog around the negative side effects of veganism 
  • If you are vegan you believe you are eating the ideal diet
  • There is a trend with vegans developing sensitivities to foods 
  • Her experience with such a big following when her identity was centred on veganism
  • The reactions of her followers transitioning away from veganism 
  • Why is there a stigma around red meat for women? 
  • How she felt after adding animal products back into her diet 
  • She wants to continue sharing her journey online to inspire people to make any changes they need to make and for them to know it’s ok not to have your health figured out
  • Hearing other people’s stories gives you permission to question things and see it helping someone else helps you make rational decisions
  • Alyse’s main messages online are not revolved around food, her message is about tuning into yourself and building confidence



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