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Jul 18, 2019

Ohhh man we have a special one today, everyone. I didn’t want to release this as a podcast but hey, why not? I had some of the superheroes of meat eating in one film studio, so I had to take advantage of this opportunity to let everyone hear the audio version.

You’ll see this on the big screen - in Food Lies and maybe even other places someday. We shot it in our production studio which belongs to my business partner who is producing Food Lies with me. To set the scene a bit, it’s a large warehouse and we were sitting in the middle on director chairs with 3 cameras filming.

We hit 7 main topics based around meat. We started off high level for a general audience to ease in - why should meat be included as a part of a healthy diet? We went all the way into details of a carnivore diet and should it be nose to tail or just steak and eggs? We also talked about how much plant food we should include in our diet. I always include some - and Mark Sisson used to recommend including a lot - seems like things are changing though...

So I definitely agree with the nose to tail meat-eating approach - so much so that I named my grass finished meat company after it. We have grass finished beef, buffalo, and lamb, as well as pasture raised pork and chicken. Our pork and chicken has been tested in an independent lab and has one of the best omega 6 to omega 3 ratios around. It’s around 1.5 to 1 which is amazing! Most conventionally raised pork is 20:1 and conventionally raised chicken about 24:1. You can see the results on and also place an order. It’s shipped out to all 48 contiguous US states each week on Monday and Tuesday. We also have ground beef, buffalo, and pork with organ meats mixed in. You get liver, heart, kidney, and spleen all grass finished and all mixed in so you barely taste it. 

If you can’t support me in this way, you can join the Patreon and get the extended show notes for the podcast each week at and get invited to the private slack group while also keeping the show ad-free.

We’re in the final days of filming for Food Lies. People keep asking me when it will be released and unfortunately I don’t know. We’ve been editing it for months and keep finding great new experts and stories to add. The world is changing by the day as well and it’s hard to find a cutoff for what content to include in the film. Do we include the news that there’s glyphosate in the Beyond Meat burgers? What about Miki Ben-Dor’s latest study on human evolution and meat eating? Anyway, it’s close to being finished but we still need to do a ton of graphics to illustrate all of these points and make these big concepts easier to understand - so it will take some time. 

We just got back from an incredible film tour in Calgary, Toronto, and Ottawa. Some awesome farmers and ranchers doing some great things for the land, the animals, and dispelling vegan propaganda. So much of the land on earth just isn't suitable for crops, yet works perfectly for cattle and other ruminant animals. Anti-meat activists are so clueless when it comes to this, it’s a real shame.

We’re about to head out for the very last shoots in San Diego July 24th-27th based around the Low Carb USA conference. Some great doctors will be in town that we’ll be getting in the film. Come say hi - I’ll be at the conference a bit.

We’ll also have our Meat-Up there on Wednesday July 24th in downtown san diego with Dr. Paul Saladino and ex-vegan turned carnivore Alyse Parker from the last episode. RSVP at

Can’t wait to see everyone there! Now here’s the mighty meaty men themselves - Mark Sisson, Dr. Paul Saladino, and Dr. Shawn Baker.



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  • Why should meat be included in a healthy diet?
  • Human evolution and brain development relating to meat eating 
  • Bioavailable nutrients 
  • Where did we go wrong if we’ve been eating meat for all of history?
  • Agriculture “was the worst mistake in human history”
  • Our brain sizes have shrunk since agriculture
  • We can survive on grains, but can we thrive?
  • Fallback foods
  • Are we eating the same meat as we did in the past?
  • What about fruits and vegetables in the past?
  • We’ve been eating meat in the same basic form for 2 million years yet plants are very new
  • Only consistent food we’ve had for history has been animals
  • Mark has always said “make half your plate plants” does he still believe this?
  • You don’t need the amount of calories you may think to still thrive and not be hungry 
  • Are the RDAs relevant to those who don’t eat a bunch of carbs, sugar, and processed foods?
  • Our nutrition guidelines are based on a bad diet
  • Diet is turning into religion
  • Much of our nutrition info is based on poorly conducted observational studies
  • There is no nuance in nutrition reporting 
  • People eating the most meat in Asia have the longest life
  • Replacing animal products always equates to processed versions that make food companies a lot of money 
  • What should the ratio of plant to animal foods be?
  • What is the definition of an ideal diet?
  • We need all the vitamins and minerals in the most bioavailable form with the least amount of toxins
  • America eats 70% plant foods in our diet
  • Peoples health improve as they eat more animals foods in many cases
  • Do people really need a whole bunch of bulky fiberous plants?
  • No benefit of fiber - where did this myth come from?
  • Healthy user bias 
  • Vegetarian benefits go away when you control for people who also have healthy behaviors 
  • Meat is a status symbol in Asia 
  • Should we be eating Nose to Tail, or is it ok to just eat steak and burger patties?
  • Organ meats provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals
  • Our ancestors ate Nose to Tail and even did this as little as 100 years ago, but we find it weird today 
  • Animals eat the organs and fat and many times leave the muscle meat
  • Shawn Baker does not believe the organ meats are necessary but agrees they are nutrient dense and are great 
  • Mark Sisson wants to live an awesome life and enjoy every bite of food
  • Solve for the highest quality of life at all times
  • People maybe shouldn’t focus on tiny things that make maybe 1% difference 
  • We shouldn’t have to use trackers to figure out how to eat and sleep 
  • Eating a species appropriate diet should be intuitive 
  • I think Nose to Tail eating was natural and intuitive 
  • Tastes are cultural
  • What about meat eating and longevity?
  • mTor and igf-1 
  • Muscle mass and long life
  • Carbs signal insulin more than animal protein 
  • Healthy diets are more about what you don’t eat
  • Closing statements 



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