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Jul 24, 2019

And we’re back from Canada with amazing footage in hand. The film tour was a huge success. I posted a bunch of stuff from Tara’s farm on Instagram that you have to check out I’m @food.lies and she is @slowdownfarmstead. It was the best food I’ve ever had in my life. All the animals and plants were grown from start to finish on her land, killed and butchered by her and her husband Troy, and cooked and prepared from scratch all the way down to the raw butter that was bright yellow and chock full of nutrients. I was full in a way I’ve never felt before. Truly an unbelievable experience. 

We also were in Calgary filming at TK Ranch with the awesome Dylan Biggs. He’s doing great things on rocky, thin soil that can’t be used for anything else but cattle - who really are nature’s miracle.

We also had the 2 meat-ups in Toronto - such a good time. So many great people came out and the talks were inspiring.

Then there was the fat-adapted Pentathlon where I did the 5 events back to back on the track for the North, Central American and Caribbean World Masters Athletics Championship and took 2nd in my age group. I didn’t eat all day and then during the event I had a little raw liver and 2 thin slices of salami and cheese to get a little something in my stomach just in case.

The last event was the 1500 and everyone was dying after a long, hot day. I had full energy still and came in 2nd overall. Maybe I would have done better if I was training instead of traveling around stuffing my face at all these events and farms.

Now onto this episode which is with a great board certified internal medicine specialist and functional/root cause medicine practitioner Dr. Gary Shlifer. He’s a founding member of and I talked to him live from his clinic that I also work out of in Woodland Hills, California.

He’s part of a new wave of doctors that see through the outdated textbooks and teachings and aren’t going to continue that standard “sick care” medical practice that doles out pills and meds and never treats underlying disease. He’s got a lot of passion and been on some big podcasts and youtube videos lately and is doing great things! We’re following in the footsteps of Virta Health and reversing tyor 2 diabetes and obesity with diet, lifestyle, and a collaborative model using technology and health coaches. You can find out more at

A few more things before we begin:

The Meat-Up in San Diego is growing by the minute. We have special guests Dr. Paul Saladino, Alyse Parker from a couple episodes ago, William Shewfelt, Dave Feldman just freed up and is going to make it, Logan Sneed AKA Logan FusionLean, and now the great Dr. Ken Berry. We’ll all be at Queenstown Public House wednesday night July 24th. RSVP at It’s going to be awesome!

It’s the night before the Low Carb USA conference starts. If anyone wants last minute tickets message me on social media and I’ll give you a coupon code for 20% off.

You can also find the nose to tail meats on that site where we have grass finished ground beef with grass finished organ meats mixed in. One which has about 30% liver, heart, kidney, and spleen, and one with about 5% of those organs. There’s so many other delicious and nutritious things there like bone marrow bones, bone broth, beef and buffalo bacon, high omega 3 pork and chicken, omega 3 ground pork with organ meats mixed in, lamb, and buffalo. Just check it out. It’s all delivered to you each week as long as you’re in the contiguous 48 US states.

We still have the Eat Meat shirts and other perks if you preorder the film on Indiegogo - click through We are trying to scrape the last money together for all these awesome graphics we’re creating to really make this film shine and get the info across. It’s not cheap, even though we’re calling in some favors.

Lastly, please support this podcast on and get the extended show notes and my sincere gratitude. It’s not possible without the community. Thanks so much for supporting all my efforts! Now here’s Dr. Gary Shlifer!



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  • We are live in person with Dr. Gary in his clinic in Woodland Hills in Los Angeles
  • He’s my business partner at and has had his own private practice for 3 years now while also working in hospitals around LA
  • He practices root cause medicine, functional medicine, or whatever you want to call the better way of doing things instead of just slinging medications and treating symptoms like many mainstream doctors
  • You invest a lot of time and money into medical school, it makes it hard to accept that there are things you learn about medicine health care should be questioned 
  • It’s scary for doctors to go against big organizations like the American Diabetes Association 
  • My content challenged the foundational knowledge of what Gary was taught in medical school and what triggered him to question what he had learned
  • There is more and more anecdotal “science” surfacing that allows us to question what nutritional science tells us, for example the carnivore diet
  • [15:12] In order to prove to a modern day American that we shouldn’t be eating processed foods we need a randomized placebo control study, you should just need common sense 
  • Everyone who has stuck to our SAPIEN diet has found that the overall benefits extend so much further than weight loss 
  • In just 50-60 years of misinformation people are disconnected from what food should really look like
  • Gary grew up eating foods like pate, caviar, and liver and onions and when he moved to America, he was almost convinced that he shouldn’t be eating these foods but now he is grateful that his upbringing allowed him to have an open mind 
  • When we go against human nature, eating fake foods and avoiding the sun, we get these illnesses
  • Animal foods are the heart of our nutrition [19:57] and plants are no longer fallback foods, we don’t need fallback foods, we can’t pretend that a cucumber or bell pepper is healthier than a steak 
  • If an alien looked down on human’s they would think we are nuts for going from eating nutrient dense animal foods to a plant-based diet 
  • [27:43] In medical school, there is a huge focus on basic science, disease management, you don’t learn a lot of practical information or how to actually help people and you do not learn nutrition
  • [28:01] He learned all the science behind metabolism and macronutrients, but they never connected that to food 
  • Doctors don’t deal with nutrition, you just refer to the dietician or nutritionist 
  • In the 4 years of medical school, you don’t learn anything about food and nutrition
  • All of the medical dietary recommendations are anchored in very little research that doctors get attached to
  • Gary’s passion for end of life care
  • [34:31] The doctors have to listen to the hospital administrators and if you fight back, you are at risk of losing your job, license, being sued, etc. 
  • Story of Gary prescribing a low-carb diet in a hospital to a diabetic patient and the hospital giving him the “low-carb” option which was a cheese burger with a bun and baked potato with all the fixings, given to the patient by the hospital’s nutritionist 
  • Gary was given the tools to keep sick people alive but not take care of the general population
  • Gary has seen doctors held to the fear of legal retribution and not do the best thing for the patient because of this
  • Gary became very vocal about whole-foods, low-carb diets in his practice and he also had his own transformation too and people were interested in what he was doing 
  • He knew he had an uphill battle when his highly educated peers didn’t understand that carbohydrates and sugars were contributing to poor health outcomes
  • Gary cleans up other doctor’s mess, who are on countless drugs and have been given no meaningful dietary recommendations, and many are put on a plant-based diet 
  • The archaic ideas around saturated fat and cholesterol and plant-based diets 
  • [55:11] He has had his patients reverse his diabetes and other doctors tell them that they need a new doctor because he is recommending a SAPIEN diet which is high in animal fats despite them getting healthier 
  • [56:54] Patients are very confused about what to eat, and people are basically eating dessert for breakfast 
  • The SAPIEN diet is what humans should eat in the context of modern day America from an ancestral point of view with the addition of modern science
  • The three pillars of the SAPIEN diet
  • Pillar one: focus on protein, embrace fat, and minimize carbs
  • Pillar two: nutrient dense whole foods
  • Pillar three: condensed eating window 
  • We are building technology to help patients adhere to these diet and lifestyle changes and connect patients to doctors and health coaches 
  • Packaged foods have destroyed any innate food culture of our ancestors 
  • We can’t accept that these fake foods are not part of a healthy diet, they are treats 


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