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Aug 21, 2019

Alright, we’re back! We got Dr. Zsofia Clemens from Paleomedicina in Hungary. They’re doing groundbreaking stuff over there curing all types of diseases mainstream medicine believes are incurable. And you know what - they use zero medications. Their whole thing is removing patient’s medications one by one. They’ve published a bunch of studies you can link to from their site.

Dr. Zsofia is a neurobiologist and clinical researcher specialized in nutrition, nutritional therapy and brain research. Previously she’s been affiliated with the National Institute of Clinical Neuroscience, Budapest and the Neurological Department, University of Pécs, Hungary and have been involved in research related to epilepsy and sleep, electroencephalography, vitamin D and brain MRI.

They take a pretty radical approach. It makes sense to me though. If I ever had one of these diseases I’d follow their program as well. Take a listen. Some of it may be a bit controversial. Let me know what you think on the old Instagram machine.

I’ll give a quick nod to the things that make this show possible. First and foremost is where you can get sustainably raised grass finished beef, buffalo, lamb, and high omega 3 pork, and chicken shipped to your door. This is my company so you’re supporting me by ordering and a Texas ranch. My favorite thing this week is definitely the Omega 3 primal pork breakfast sausage. It’s seasoned so perfectly and you don’t even taste all the great pastured liver, kidney, heart, and spleen mixed in giving it all the great nutrition. I posted a stack of these patties I cooked up with some pastured eggs and cheese online the other day to make people jealous. I’m telling you it was something special. Maybe it’s all in my head. Maybe it’s that I know how nutritious it is as I eat each delicious bite. Who knows.

Last couple things - we have the Food Lies film on Indiegogo with a bunch of perks. We still need to fund all the awesome graphics we have planned for the film. This will be important to get across all the info. It’s a lot, but it’s so important to spread this message in a way people can understand. So much of the world doesn't know about this information. If you’re listening, you probably do know it. But just think how long it took you to figure it all out. I’m here trying to get every single bit possible across in 95 minutes. It’s not easy. 

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And that’s it. Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it. Now let’s hear from Dr. Zsofia Clemens


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  • Dr. Zsofia Clemens is a neurobiologist, brain researchers, and head of the institute run in Hungary called Paleomedicina also known as ICMNI (International Center for Medical Nutritional Intervention)
  • Their clinic treats patients with various autoimmune diseases, different cancers, and neurological disorders 
  • They work with the patients and implement their diet which they refer to as the paleolithic ketogenic diet (PKD) 
  • They don’t use any medications in their clinic 
  • The clinic was established in 2011 and they have had amazing success with treating patients
  • Crohn’s disease cannot be managed by medications, and 100% of their patients are cured by the PKD 
  • The diet was originally developed by Csaba Toth 
  • The PKD is 100% animal based and includes meat, fat, and organs 
  • The ratio of fat to protein is 2:1 (82% fat and 18% protein) which differs largely from most carnivore diets which are much higher in protein and lower in fat 
  • Red meat is very important 
  • In the US and UK the quality of pork is usually very low and not recommended 
  • Intestinal permeability is associated with all autoimmune disease and cancers
  • The diet works by normalizing the gut permeability 
  • Zsofia doesn’t believe genetics play a significant role in disease and that it is all related to diet 
  • The survival rates with chemotherapy are extremely low and patients lose all quality of life 
  • Their clinic has treated various patients with Glioblastoma (GBM), one of the most aggressive types of cancer, who have become progression free 
  • The standard of care for GBM may go against the effectiveness of the PKD 
  • Patients that adhere to the diet correctly always do well
  • The classical ketogenic diet (CKD) is not enough in most cases for treating cancer and once they shift to PKD they see results 
  • There are side effects to the CKD: delayed growth in children, respiratory problems, kidney stones, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and pneumonia related deaths 
  • CKD does not normalize intestinal permeability
  • Problems with dairy include iron deficiency, lactose intolerance, causing leaky gut and inducing intestinal permeability 
  • Milk proteins are associated with diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and more  
  • Milk only came into the human diet when we started domesticated animals, it is not part of the hunter gatherer diet 
  • The role of the intestinal line and how gut permeability leads to disease 
  • When the gut is permeable, proteins get into circulation and trigger autoimmunity 
  • Milk proteins that get into circulation can attach to pancreatic beta cells and trigger an immune response that destroys these cells and can cause type-1 diabetes 
  • Gluten also triggers autoimmunity but attaches to joints and cartilage 
  • The importance of organ meats to avoid mineral and vitamin deficiencies 
  • The most nutritious organs: liver, heart, brain, kidney
  • The higher the metabolic rate of the organ, the more vitamin C it will have 
  • They can tell if their patients are eating organ meats or not by their bloodwork 
  • All vitamins and minerals that humans need are found in animal foods 
  • Taking supplements can interfere with the effectiveness of the diet 
  • In the context of the PKD, nutrient requirements are lower because there is less interfering with their absorptions and bioavailability 
  • Adherence is the number one issue with patients 
  • They have documented cases where they have put type-1 diabetes into remission and off insulin with a PKD 
  • Majority of epileptic patients become seizure free 
  • Brain cancer patients also become seizure free 
  • They don’t recommend fasting to avoid nutrient depletion 
  • The protein requirements of PKD are low compared to general protein recommendations because excess protein overloads the systems in the body that have to get rid of it 
  • Too much protein can turn to glucose 
  • Athletes should increase food intake but keep the same ratio of fat to protein 
  • The claims about needing carbohydrates for functioning thyroid are not true 
  • Children do not need carbohydrates during growth, if you feed a child PKD they may not be as tall but this is what their normal height should actually be 
  • Crohn’s, IBS, colitis, and other bowel conditions are what they have the most success with 
  • You can find Zsofia Clemens at:
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