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Oct 30, 2019

Hello. We’re back. I’m Brian Sanders and I’m excited to share another great episode with you lovely people. Dr. Ken Berry is the author of the great book “Lies My Doctor Told Me,” he’s a speaker, he’s got an awesome and very popular YouTube channel, and he’s a great doctor who realized he was doing everything wrong and had the humbleness to admit this was so and reverse course. His own health was failing him and the advice he was giving his patients was failing them as well. I love these people who can man up to their mistakes, admit they didn’t have all the answers, and work tirelessly to make up for it. He’s got a bunch of great takeaways to offer so listen up to the good doctor!

Now I’ve got a few updates - we just started an impromptu project - a mini-doc debunking the latest installment of vegan propaganda called the Game Changers. If you haven't heard of this, it’s a “documentary” on Netflix about a few athletes who eat only plants and think everyone in the world should do the same thing. They misrepresent science and purposely deceive a huge population of the world who is not well-versed on food and nutrition and might believe that because a few genetic freaks are doing midly well eating a few salads and James Cameron who has $140 million invested in pea protein which they make the fake impossible burgers out of say that this is how humans should eat that it is actually true. I could go on and on about this, but I won’t because this short film will say it all much better.

We got a great team together on short notice including Shawn Baker, Paul Saladino, Mark Sisson, and Tim Shieff who used to be called the Vegan Prince and was actually in the Game Changers film. That’s until he realized the diet was destroying his life and he moved to embrace animal foods and basically immediately restored his health. We’re filming some comedy reenactments of some of the stupid so-called “experiments” they do in the film tomorrow with some of these guys. We’re going to be releasing this on YouTube for the whole world to see for free on November 27th the night before Thanksgiving. So many people were falling for this propaganda piece we had to make this and get it out quick - just in time to show your family members who may be refusing that turkey because they saw this unscientific joke.

This is not going to delay the Food Lies film which is still my main focus. You can learn more about that if you haven't heard of it yet at I have a different team working on that and it’s moving full steam ahead, so don’t worry! is also going strong. We deliver sustainably raised grass fed, grass finished meat to your door. It’s similar to other meat delivery services but we use the entire animal and it's from our family owned ranch in Texas. Get the bones, marrow, fat, organs, and everything else at I’m liking the beef bacon these days. It’s kinda like your best guy friend and best girl friend getting married. It’s a beautiful thing.

That’s about it for now. So much going on daily here at SAPIEN it’s hard for me to not go on about it - you can learn more at  So now I’ll let ya’ll hear from my man Dr. Ken Berry.


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  • Dr. Ken Berry is a medical doctor, author of the book “Lies My Doctor Told Me”, and has a pretty amazing YouTube channel 
  • He triggered some people with his tweet: “Don’t take advice from a fat doctor” 
  • 15 years ago when he started his practice he was obese, inflamed, diabetic, etc.
  • In changing his nutrition he reversed all his health issues and made it his mission to help others do the same 
  • [around 4:54] People are so obsessed with losing weight, but they’re spending so much of their discipline on the meaningless practices
  • You can lose a significant amount of weight without exercising 
  • 90% of the battle is what you eat, 90% of that 90% is to cut carbohydrates 
  • You don’t need to be able to afford fancy gym memberships and grass-fed beef 
  • Eat less move more is useless advice 
  • Doctors believe patients are noncompliant instead of thinking their advice is wrong 
  • If you don’t look like you should be giving nutrition advice then you should be doing something about it 
  • [17:29-18:11] If you remember biochemistry, physiology, and anatomy from med school, a ketogenic diet makes sense but is completely counter to the nutrition you learn about in med school
  • Eat Lancet is not concerned with you entering old age with muscle mass and good health, they are interested in feeding the world as cheaply as they can
  • Egyptian mummies had terrible atherosclerosis, bad teeth, and the majority of their diet was a grain-based plant based
  • The DASH diet is not backed by science and risks elevated glucose, insulin, and cortisol
  • There is plenty of positive research supporting low carb and ketogenic diets 
  • There is a lot of negative evidence for grains and low-fat diets
  • Ken’s “Proper Human Diet”
  • The proper human diet is a spectrum, some people do well on vegetarian some people do well on carnivore
  • He used to think a vegetable heavy keto diet was the best diet, but has changed his perspective of this and essentially follows a carnivore diet now
  • When you can sit in front of food and not have the desire to eat is when you have control over your hunger
  • The first step with patients is eliminating processed grains, refined sugars, and industrial seed oils, if you are hungry eat fatty meat, eat some veg, eat some eggs, just eat real food
  • Just removing these three slow poisons, will make a huge difference 
  • Carbohydrate addiction appears to be a real thing, when you withdraw from carbs you will get symptoms and it will suck from 3-10 days but once you get past that, you will realize how sustainable this way of life is 
  • In the same way you can eat the standard American diet and not develop any obvious nutrient deficiencies for decades, you probably can on a muscle-meat only carnivore diet too
  • You will develop vitamin and mineral deficiencies quicker on a vegan diet than on a carnivore diet 
  • When you use a carnivore tool, and start adding back foods, they are given answers to what makes them feel good 
  • Even cheap meat is better than eating grains and processed foods 
  • Myth that meat causes gout 
  • Ken predicts that in 5-7 years, Layne Norton will recommend a ketogenic diet 
  • The HDL to triglyceride ratio is best improved on a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet 
  • Ken has admitted where he went wrong in the past, prescribing statins, etc. 
  • Eating this way helps with acne
  • Where to find Ken berry: 


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