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Dec 4, 2019

Hello, hello good people, I hope you all had a joyous Thanksgiving. I certainly did with some friends up in Seattle for a SAPIEN style dinner, finishing the Game Changers DEBUNKED film, having the awesome Meat-Up and film viewing, hanging with everyone’s favorite Dr. Ted Naiman, and then going to Mike Mutzel’s house and backyard farm for a podcast.

A bit more info on each. Mike Mutzel is known as metabolic Mike and has a longstanding podcast called High Intensity Health - go check him out, he’s a great guy. Everyone should be familiar with the Game Changers DEBUNKED film by now. There’s 2 versions out on youtube as of late - one with the “deleted scenes” and one with just the info and none of the gags. When we started this on Halloween, Shawn Baker, Chris Kruger, and I had the idea to do some skits and have some fun with this. I appreciate the fact that not everyone is looking for that so we have both options!

Lastly, a SAPIEN way of eating, for anyone unfamiliar, is how a growing number of people are characterizing how they eat and live. It encompasses many dietary strategies from pescatarian all the way to keto and carnivore. It has a sweet spot (where I like to be) with over 90% of calories coming from animal foods. This makes it high fat, low carb, and mainly has you running on fat. It is nose to tail. It embraces smaller feeding windows of one meal per day to 2 meals in 8 hours (which I like). It is based on all whole foods. It’s also not based on any dogma. Humans have evolved to eat many things over millions of years, and even in the last 10,000 years. It also focuses on the other lifestyle factors as like getting quality sleep, exercise, sun, etc. You can learn more at

You can also learn about the grass finished meat at that’s shipped to the 48 states. It is all grown ethically, organically, and sustainably. We have unique and nutrient dense foods such as Primal ground beef that includes liver, heart, kidney, and spleen. We also have high omega 3 pork and chicken that blows away conventional and even organically grown animals. I’m proud to offer these products delivered to your home, but also encourage people to find local farmers and source from them.

Now onto a food producer I’d also love to endorse who’s meat you can get if you’re in the North Dakota area, Mr. Gabe Brown. I saw a TEDx talk of his 2 years ago and had a long call with him soon after. I wanted to include him in the film but it didn’t quite work out. I’m glad we finally reconnected and found some time to record a talk.

Gabe Brown is a farmer and leader in the movement towards regenerative agriculture. He is the owner of Brown’s Ranch, just east of Bismarck, ND. He believes in and practices Holistic Management, a part of which is farming and ranching in nature's image. At his ranch improving soil health is a priority and no-till farming has been practiced since 1993. His ranch has eliminated the use of synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides. He does not use any GMOs or glyphosate. His ever evolving grazing strategy allows most of his pastures a recovery period of over 360 days. All of these practices have led to the health of the soil, mineral and water cycles to greatly improve and of course the quality of the agriculture and livestock he produces as well. 

Make sure to listen to the end. There’s some great info all the way through. He has solutions to some huge worldwide problems with simple and proven practices.

Last quick things - Food Lies is going strong. We have a new and awesome graphics guy that is really savvy with all this info and is eager to help the cause. Please support this podcast by giving it a review on itunes or the podcast app. And also support our endeavors on Patreon at We’re doing the extended show notes each week with all the extra info and studies and also creating some new video content. There’s been a high demand for my 14 minute workout. I am going to make videos available to Patreon supporters of this and more about eating and other lifestyle practices that won’t be available to the public.

Appreciate everyone’s support and now let’s hear from the spectacular Gabe Brown

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  • [10:34] What is tilling soil and should we do it or not?
  • [14:07] Limiting pesticide, fungicide and herbicide usage to improve soil health long term. 
  • [19:00] Diversity in the ecosystem and why it is important.
  • [22:30] There is a vast network of communication within the soil from plants.
  • [24:30] We need animals on the landscape grazing naturally to maintain the best health of the soil and ecosystem. 
  • [26:00] The importance of having a system of rotational grazing for ruminants.
  • [30:35] Gabe has seen 30-50 times the amount of wild life compared to other farmers around him because of his rotational grazing practices.
  • [33:35] Gabe explains a more efficient and practical way of bale grazing.
  • [35:35] Regenerative agriculture has the ability better than anything else to combat climate change. 
  • [37:35] How regenerative agriculture can help with the issue of the amount of phosphates/nitrates in the soil.
  • [38:00] By improving the soil ecosystem and the health of it, we can vastly improve the agricultural nutrient and livestock nutrient density.
  • [42:50] The corruption and greed of modern agriculture.
  • [48:30] The biology in our guts are directly related to the biology in the soil.
  • [51:20] If these practices are so good, why isn’t everyone doing it?
  • [54:40] Good thing it isn’t all bad news as we are seeing a shift towards regenerative agriculture.
  • [57:19] There are major differences in the soil on regenerative farms and neighboring farms.
  • [1:08:20] How the crops, animals and soil all work together as an ecosystem.
  • [1:14:50] How regenerative agriculture can help bring us all together, it can help alleviate the issues of climate change, water quality, human health, biodiversity and sustainability.
  • Go to to learn more!


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