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Jun 2, 2020

Hey, hey! How’s everyone doing? We’re living in some strange times. I really hope we find a way to end racism in the US and the world and I hope justice is served for that horrible police officer. I’m here in LA and just tried to go to the post office and found that it was closed and storefronts in the Venice / Marina Del Rey area were being boarded up. We all got messages to our phones saying a curfew would be enforced at 5pm. My friend got beat up in Santa Monica for trying to stop looters. I don’t know why he was trying to do this, but it looked pretty scary. Violence is not the answer. I hope everyone stays safe and we make some changes in our society towards true equality.

Today we have Dr. Cate Shanahan back on the show. There’s a few great people who have made it on twice. Dr. Ted Naiman, Ivor Cummins, Dr. Paul Saladino, and I'm talking to Dr. Bill Schindler again tomorrow. Please go back and catch these awesome repeat guests, as well as all the other great episodes in the back catalogue.

For those who don’t know of Dr. Cate she was just on Bill Maher’s show Real Time where she talked about ancestral nutrition, avoiding seed oils, running on fat, and staying healthy as the number one goal during the time of coronavirus. It was such a treat to hear someone from our health community make it to the mainstream. Bill seemed to support her message 100% and didn’t even start with his plant-heavy leaning ideas. I was just so excited to see her spreading these messages I wanted to have her back on. I also have been reading her new book The Fatburn Fix and am thoroughly enjoying it. She goes into a lot of interesting details of her new information in this episode. 

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Thanks for being a part of the Sapien community and please enjoy this week’s episode with Dr. Cate Shanahan.


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  • [7:15] Body fat can become dysfunctional by consuming seed oils.

  • [8:45] Why are seed oils so bad for you?

  • [13:45] The inflammatory response from seed oils and how it relates to COVID-19.

  • [21:25] Gluten and celiac disease.

  • [35:05] Because of how these seed oils affect our metabolism, they are causing the vast majority of chronic illnesses.

  • [40:55] Whole wheat bread vs sprouted bread.

  • [54:55] How seed oils play a role in the development of cancerous cells.

  • [1:02:55] Flattening the curve and coronavirus.

  • [1:10:55] Metabolic flexibility is the key to being metabolically healthy.

  • [1:14:35] You can eat carbs and still be metabolically healthy/flexible.



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