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Jun 17, 2020

Hello again beautiful people! I hope everyone is doing well. Since I can’t ask how you’re doing, I’ll just skip straight to myself. I’m getting loaded with vitamin D daily and chowing down on Nose to Tail meat like it’s my job. It actually kind of is my job. My pool and gym are back open and things are looking good from where I’m standing. I hope people listening can say the same. Let’s try to keep that attitude positive!

I’m talking to my new pal Dr. Phil Maffetone today who’s a super interesting guy with a long career doing amazing things. He first tried running his body on fat back in the 70s and has been one of the leaders in the world getting athletes fat adapted to achieve peak performance. 

During his two decades in private practice and beyond, Dr. Maffetone has been a respected pioneer in the field of complementary medicine, bringing the latest advances to health-care professionals around the world. He is an internationally recognized researcher, educator, clinician and author in the field of nutrition, exercise and sports medicine, and biofeedback.

He’s worked with athletes in almost every sport at the highest levels including professional and olympic athletes.

Dr. Maffetone’s research has been reported in newspapers, magazines and other media around the world, including Huffington Post, The Today Show, Men’s Health, CNN, Readers Digest and The Atlantic magazine. He’s also published over 20 books since 1980. I think I’m just going to stop with his achievements already and get on to a few quick announcements. 

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Otherwise just share this podcast with a friend, go back and listen to the great episodes all the way back to #1, review it on the podcast app or itunes, and don’t forget about we’re shipping grass finished meat out weekly from our small ranch in Texas. I’ve been eating the primal ground beef with all the organs mixed in a lot lately and now regular ground beef tastes watered down. You gotta check it out.

Well that’s it so now it’s time for my interview with Dr. Phil Maffetone which I really enjoyed. We had such a good time we went for over 2 hours and then recorded even more bonus content for the Sapien Tribe members at the end. So much great info in this one - please enjoy!



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  • [9:05] Sugar is the new tobacco.
  • [18:35] What is overfat?
  • [26:45] Overfat, normalfat, and underfat.
  • [33:05] Being overfat makes us more vulnerable to chronic diseases and infectious diseases. 
  • [37:25] How quickly can we fix this overfat problem?
  • [45:05] His first experience with the keto diet.
  • [54:45] You can't out exercise a bad diet.
  • [58:55] Waist to height ratio.
  • [1:05:35] His thoughts on oils and grains. 
  • [1:09:05] Who are at high risk from the COVID-19. Check out this article with cited research from Dr. Maffetone to learn more in depth
  • [1:12:15] How essential your immune system is for preventing sickness from viruses. [1:19:45] How the COVID-19 works against your immune system.
  • [1:25:05] Current thoughts and news on COVID-19.
  • [1:44:20] Prevention in modern healthcare is not what it used to be.



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