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Aug 12, 2020

Hey hey everybody, hope you're ready for another information dense episode. We have Dr. Paul Saladino back on to dive deep on how insulin resistance develops. This is a perfect follow up to Dr. Ben Bikman on the last episode explaining to us how insulin resistance and other problems with insulin are the root cause to almost all chronic disease. It’s also a great follow up to the many guests who have been talking about the dangers of industrial seed oils, euphemistically known as vegetable oils, and high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids also known as PUFAs in our diet.

I was thinking about this after we finished recording and thought I could have made a few more points and perhaps made this analogy. Maybe the disease process is like a hammer and a nail. You need both to create something. Either on their own might not be enough. Refined sugars and refined grains would be the hammer and the high PUFAs are the nail. Either one doesn't cause insulin resistance on its own. There’s examples of populations eating high carb but not getting insulin resistance (although most of this is whole food carbs). But these people aren’t getting a ton of seed oils (possibly zero) in their diet. And there also are examples of people potentially consuming a high amount of PUFAs (like one of the Blue Zones here in the Los Angeles area, Loma Linda) where they avoid a lot of animal products and presumably use vegetable oils as the guidelines dictate.

These people have many other great lifestyle factors and remain thin over their life and they tend to have a disproportionate amount of centenarians. They do all the healthy behaviors to remain thin like avoiding sugars, processed foods, alcohol, and staying active. So basically these people never overstuff their fat cells and start the process of insulin resistance that maybe the high PUFAs would have then been there to cause the real damage. If you have all the other bases covered maybe you can get away with more PUFAs in your diet. There’s some epidemiology that suggests this as well.

I’m not saying this is ideal at all, and likely it’s best to reduce seed oils as much as possible. I also am just theororizing here. It’s interesting to think about the many factors that play into this complex process nobody has definitively solved because there always seems to be some counter-evidence to every theory and I want to take it all into consideration and not just blame things on a single villain.

Please listen to this episode and let me know what you think. I’m on all major social media platforms if you search “food lies” and try to message everyone I can back.

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Without further ado, here’s Paul.



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