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Sep 9, 2020

We’re back for season 8 of the podcast. I took an unannounced break to work on the Food Lies film and make sure I’m getting top quality episodes and guests. I really don’t want to just crank these out each week just for the sake of having an episode to release. I am constantly reading books, watching lectures, reading scientific papers, and previously going to conferences to seek out the best guests the world has to offer. Our guest today, Mary Ruddick, is just that.

She is a nutritionist, teacher, and author of books and online educational programs. People come to Mary to resolve their otherwise impossible health conditions. She teaches them tools they can implement to rebuild their own immune systems, nervous systems, holobiome, and microbiome and once again take control of their health. 

Mary specializes in rebalancing the microbiome by addressing nutritional and epigenetic aspects that underlie various physical and mental health disorders. She is a specialist in the fields of autoimmunity, histamine intolerance (MCAD), mental disorders, and nervous system disorders that include dysautonomia, seizure disorders, and autism. 

She’s been a nutrition professor, she’s travelled the world living with and observing other cultures and native-living tribes, she’s worked for big organizations teaching them about diet and lifestyles for disease prevention, she’s miraculously cured her own ailments that had her bed-bound for years and years, and so much more. I’ve been talking to her for months and am ready to call her the Sherlock Holmes of Health. She’s the real deal so I really hope you listen to this episode in entirety. We even have a part 2 coming out next week.

So I hope everyone got a chance to catch up on the back catalogue of episodes during this little break. I’m so happy to hear all the great life transformations taking place, especially when people go back to listen from episode 1. 

Alright, so another reason I don’t need to crank out episodes each week is I don’t have any sponsors. So far I’ve turned them all down so I can remain independent from any outside interests. I have my own beneficial products and services we offer at Http:// and to support the show, the film, myself, and my great team. I make a lot less money this way, but it’s a lot more satisfying to not have to rely on anyone else or promote any other products.

However, it only works if people support Sapien and Nose to Tail. Luckily we have amazing things to offer. Sapien is the health platform I’ve built with my business partner Dr. Gary. We have a practice in Woodland Hills, CA as well as an online program anyone in the world can join if they’re serious about weight loss and disease reversal using diet and lifestyle. You can find out more about the program at You can also get the free Sapien Food guide there. 

Another thing we’ve got going is the Sapien Tribe. We have a growing community of people who are living this lifestyle and dominating life. I know that sounds pretty bro-ey, but it’s what is happening. People have gone from a life of mediocrity or even ill-health to being in top shape, reversing their chronic disease, having great body composition, and not getting sick anymore! Tribe members also get all the extras like the bonus episodes of this podcast, the extended show notes, the private members area, and special access and live Zoom calls with Dr. Gary and me. You can find that at as well.

You can also get the Nose to Tail meats at where we ship grass finished, ethically and sustainably raised beef, buffalo, pork, and chicken to your door. It’s all raised in Texas and ships out each week to the 48 contiguous states. Our specialty products include ground beef with liver, heart, kidney, and spleen mixed in. I don’t know of anyone else getting all these organs mixed in like we do. I think it’s the best and tastiest way to eat the fresh organs to get the ultimate in nutrient dense, bioavailable nutrition. We also have high omega 3, low omega 6 pork and chicken. We feed them a special gluten free, non-GMO feed that makes their meat and fat very low in PUFAs. I can go on forever about how great this stuff is, but just check it out for yourself at

I can’t wait to share the new whole food products we’re developing that will be out soon. Follow @eatnosetotail on Instagram or Twitter for updates. We’ve got some exciting stuff coming. You can also follow me on any platform if you search for Food Lies. I’m putting out all kinds of info each week and we have some good discussions going on there. Youtube as well. A bunch of great videos to check out.

So that’s all for now. Thanks for listening and sharing this show and any of the other content. Please give this podcast a review in the podcast app or on iTunes. Check out and and most importantly listen to this great info from the nutrition genius, Mary Ruddick!



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