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Aug 28, 2019

Hey hey, what’s going on healthy friends? Is everyone eating densely and moving intensely? People have been saying I should make shirts or stickers for that phrase. Anyone want to help design that? I want it to look really cool.

Also for new people, or anyone really, I should quickly spell out what eating densely and...

Aug 21, 2019

Alright, we’re back! We got Dr. Zsofia Clemens from Paleomedicina in Hungary. They’re doing groundbreaking stuff over there curing all types of diseases mainstream medicine believes are incurable. And you know what - they use zero medications. Their whole thing is removing patient’s medications one by one....

Aug 14, 2019

We got Vinnie Tortorich in the house for some not nutrition talk, his film FAT, my film Food Lies, and the crazy world that is our little health space we occupy.

We actually almost made Food Lies together before we realized it would be better to each make out own film. 

Happy listening!

Find Vinnie at

Aug 8, 2019

Live, from the arctic circle, please welcome Fredrik Prost. This is such an interesting episode. One day I’m watching epic nature shows from NatGeo about a group of people subsisting in the freezing arctic tundra on nothing but reindeer and fish, the next day I’m talking to one of them.

He originally contacted me...